Blogging is like everything else, I suppose


Like everything in my life, it all sits there waiting for me to do it. The laundry sits, waiting to be hauled to the washer. The dishes sit, waiting to be washed. The dog is in the other room, laying on the floor, waiting to be walked. There are pictures sitting in boxes waiting for me to get the time, if ever, to organize them into albums. The walls in the kitchen are still waiting for me to touch up the holidays I missed almost a year ago. My grandmother’s ancient sewing machine has been waiting for me to figure out how to thread it up for over a year. There are emails in my computer, waiting to be read. Two friends called yesterday – they are waiting for me to call them back. There are bills waiting to be paid, movies waiting to be returned, people waiting to be invited over for dinner.

Like every other Southern woman, I have a “To Do” list that is endless, because as soon as one thing gets crossed off, five more items are waiting to be added to the list. And now there will be blogging…waiting for me to blog something. And, like the endless “To Do” list, that requires me to pick which item to do, and which ones to ignore (again), this blogging will also require a decision: what to write about.

There are so many topics floating around in my head that have been waiting, for years, to get out. How can I decide where to start? Should I write about my job, my marriage, my children, my dog, my past, my mistakes, my accomplishments, my hopes and dreams, my fears, my goals, my opinions about life, how I was raised, how I’ve been mistreated, how I’ve been adored, why I think manners are so important, or why I have such a hard time making decisions? Or is it all, somehow, in the end, the same thing?


13 thoughts on “Blogging is like everything else, I suppose

  1. Ginger!!! Hurray!

    I love your header picture. Is it yours? I didn’t see it when I set up my page. My page is dull. My page is boring. But I DO try to put a picture (related or not) into each entry. Just a little OCD thing, I suppose.

    I’m really happy that you’ve done this. I think you’ll be a star!

    Be sure to check out the links on my page to Erin Slick and Undomestic Diva … they are both great … and if you comment, tell ’em I sent you.

    And for now … I’ll just skip off singing “Ginger is blogging … Ginger is blogging … la la la la la.”

  2. Hey – I did the Trackback shuffle and found your blog. I like your feet. They look a lot like mine, though I’m wearing Chucks and there’s no ocean (at least not in view). I started blogging in May and have found it highly addictive, though I’ve never needed an excuse NOT to do housework. The cool thing is you can write about whatever – I’ve found that since I’ve started blogging, my mind has been on overload (but that could also be because I’m over caffeinated).

    Hey, I have a to-do list too. If only I could find it. I think it’s having an affair with my missing car keys!

  3. Debbie,
    Hi!! Funny how we talk to each other on all these different websites! I’m using the “theme” of PressRow for my page, which allows you to create a custom header, so, yes, those are my feet sticking out of a hammock in Cozumel, which is where I wish I was right now! Notice: I’m wearing the red “Natzi” sandals that I bought in Key West from the Natzis.

  4. Hi Jan! I’m hoping that I’ll be able to figure out what to write about. I have so many things already floating around in my head, and it’s sad that the “To Do” list is the first thing I chose, isn’t it?

  5. Who is Jan?
    Another one of your internet friends that I don’t know about? Hmmmm?

    I love my Kino’s. I’m not allowed to wear them for two more months though.

    And where is today’s blog?

    (Am I being a big enough pest for ya?)

    And one more thing … I’m a better typer than talker/caller. I can’t help it.

  6. I didn’t have time to blog. Too busy trying to keep everyone happy and the universe on track so that the world doesn’t explode. (I need that disgusted smiley face, here.)

  7. Who’s Debbie? I like her. I think she’s got the inside track on what’s going down with the universe.
    Cozumel? That’s where I’d like to be going today, but instead I’ve got an exciting day ahead moving furniture in my classroom to get ready for next week. No AC either. Your header would make a great screen saver for those days when I’m wishing I was somewhere else.

  8. Jan,

    Since Ginger didn’t answer me when I asked “who is Jan?” – don’t expect that she’s going to answer you about who I am either.

    Ginger is *busy* you know.


  9. Hey…answering y’alls questions is on my “To Do” list, OK? In NY right now. I promise I’ll blog something when I get home!

  10. Yikes! I just read about your “To Do” list and realized I must be a Southern Woman – and all this time I thought I lived in Southern California! I write down things I’ve already done just so I can cross them off and feel like I’ve accomplished something.

    Debbie, We’ve got to quit meeting like this. My husband knows how to make great mojitos and any golf talk makes us both go comatose!

  11. OK, so after your birthday dinner I found your blog and here I am. I think this is really good for a first blog. Blogging is something that’s been on my “To Do” list for a long time now.

    The sad part is that I have a “To Do” list that sits in my head, that I rarely bother to write down. When I think about all the time I have to do stuff and all the things I need to do I usually get overwhelmed and then I don’t want to do anything. Is that normal? I feel like I never get anything that’s on it done. When I do mark something off, it rarely brings me any feeling of satisfaction.

    The real problem I have is prioritizing my “To Do” list. There’s so much stuff on it, how do I decide what’s most important. Usually school work and house work win. But I don’t feel like those things are really important, they’re just the things that I can’t NOT do. And then my “To Do” list keeps me up at night. That’s the worst.

    So for a comment this is really long and a little stream of consciousness. Maybe I should move blogging to the top of the list.

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