I’m home

I’ve spent the last three days traveling to New York and back. The weather was amazing up there. It was in the forties when we got up yesterday morning. During the day it was warm, just pleasant enough for shorts, and the air is not at all humid…like it is down here.

We played golf, twice in one day, on the greenest, most picturesque course I’ve ever seen, and I shot under 100 both times. Jeff shot 71, which is just one over par, and the best score he’s ever had! Then we had dinner at a place called Brooke’s House of BBQ. Half a chicken, corn on the cob, fresh bread, salad bar and our bill came to $19.72!

But, today we are back home. It’s hot, humid and sticky. Work….four, and possibly more, night shifts….looms over me like a black cloud. Life always returns back to normal. I’m just glad I have the life I have, with more trips to look forward to, more golf games left to play and a husband that will do things with me. I could be stuck in a rut called Podunk, with nothing to look forward to except spending the summers at a K.O.A. campground.


One thought on “I’m home

  1. 1. Note that my blog is now http://www.buzzinby.com … without the wordpress in it. I bought the domain name – yay! $15.00 a year. We’ll see if I’m still at it a year from now.

    2. Glad you are home … I’m glad/sorry that you weren’t able to stop by and see us. Glad that you didn’t have to drive … sorry because it’s been a while since we’ve seen you. BUT … it’s only a few more weeks and we’ll be there. Have Jeff learn to make me a mojito.

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