Today’s Wish

I was going to write a long, eloquent story about life long wishes. How many of the wishes I had for my life, seemingly….and that is the key word….did not come true. And yet, they did. The irony of wishing for one thing, then getting something different, and yet better, much later in life. Like, my marriage. I wanted a happy, one-time-in-a-lifetime always for ever and ever kind of family….and then I got divorced. But, I have what I wished for, now, finally. And he (my husband, Jeff) is every wish I ever wished when I blew out the candles.

But I guess wishes are like prayers. Lofty and long winded when they can afford to be. And short, down and dirty when a true need arises. Today, I only have one wish. My beautiful, magnificent, one of a kind 96 year old Grandmama Gladys is in the hospital. We almost lost her last night to congestive heart failure and a build up of fluid around her lungs. Our whole family was called in and allowed to camp out (9 of us) in the cramped I.C.U. room. At first she was unresponsive. But as the night wore on, she slowly improved and began to point, then whisper, then talk. By the time we left after midnight, she was smiling and joking with the nurses and with us.

Needless to say, the whole hospital staff is now in love with her. She has that effect on most folks. And needless to say, I only have one wish in my heart for today.

Love you, Grandmama. This world is a better place because of you.


8 thoughts on “Today’s Wish

  1. Looks like you’ve already figured out how to link to Spritekeeper’s page. And I always like to add that the post is a Spin Cycle from someone in the post … to track people back to Jen’s site.

    Now … your wish. I know how much your grandma means to you and to your entire family. I’m happy that she’s still got the fight in her! Enjoy each and every day you can with her.

  2. Update: Grandmama got moved to a regular room yesterday. She is thrilled to be “unhooked” from the catheter. She is talking about going home in the next couple of days. The doctor determined that she had a mild heart attack. She’s not out of the woods yet, but she is much better! Thank you all for your support.

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