I got tagged

The rules: Each player answers the question themselves. At the end of the post the player then tags 5 people and posts their names, then goes to their blog and leaves them a comment letting them know that they’ve been tagged and asking them to read your blog. Let the person that tagged you know when you’ve answered the questions on your blog.

10 years ago I was:

1. Miserable

2. Thinking about leaving my husband


4. Learning to shag

5. Running a screener at Corning


5 things on today’s to-do list:

1.Get groceries

2. do laundry

3. make dinner for my MIL

4. clean out my closets

5. Order some “product” for my hair

5 snacks I enjoy:

1. Almonds

2. Apple slices and cheese cubes

3. fritos amd salsa

4. Nabs

5. Sweet and Salty popcorn


5 things I would do if I were a millionaire:


1. QUIT WORK and write a book

2. Go on a three week cruise to Hawaii

3. Buy all my boys a house and a car.

4. Buy a house at landfall and a log cabin in the mountains of NC

5. Take golf lessons


5 places I have lived:


1. Melbourne, FL

2. Wilmington, NC

3. Daytona beach, FL

4. Rocky Point, NC

5.Northwest, NC

5 jobs I have had:

1. Publix cashier

2. Owned my own Ruffled Curtain Bussiness

3. Office manager for Optomotrist

4. Fiber Processor for Corning, Inc.

5. Owner/Publisher of Scene Magazine

Now I’ve got to tag 5 people.







3 thoughts on “I got tagged

  1. Yep, it was called Farmhouse Window Dresses. Just like Dorothy’s Ruffled Curtains. I worked for her, you know. Dorothy, that is. I made ruffled pillows for her. Then, she didn’t want to pay me…much. So, I decided to make my OWN GD ruffled stuff, (but I wasn’t mad, y’all.)

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