The Seagull



This was written by Gladys Parker, 7/29/1968

He nestled his head in his own rustic feathers,

They were worn and old by age and weather.

And I pitied him as he moped close by

His youth was gone, it could be I.

The once keen ears must have heard

The calls and cries of another bird.

For he moved his head – opened an eye

And raised his wings as if to fly.

His strength ebbed away and flight was nil;

So he tucked his wings and stood there still.

I looked at him; he looked at me;

The old sea gull down by the sea.

Soaring aloft like graceful wings,

Youth glides by, dances and sings.

Then one day sits by the shore

And waits for life to be no more.


6 thoughts on “The Seagull

  1. Damn.

    I was leaving you one of those little love your blog things … you know the things that everyone EXCEPT us seem to have … and it’s just as well, because clearly I don’t even understand how to get them to show up.


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