To Debbie



This is my friend, Debbie. She and I met on the internet, about seven years ago. She never fails to make me laugh, she is always the first person to be in my corner, she encourages me to be a better person and she understands what is important to me. Last, but not least, she always leaves a comment on every single thing I post! What more could you ask for in a friend? My grandmother wrote this poem for a good friend of hers, and today, on my birthday, I dedicate it to you.





By Gladys Parker, Sept. 2004

We started a building sometime ago

A structure to last for ever, you know.

The material we decided to use

Storms and weather could not abuse.


The foundation made of respect and trust

Would never waiver or turn to dust,

And through the years it stood the test

Of time and change and restlessness.


Today I think we really know

This house we built long ago,

With friendship, care and other things

Will never fail the joy it brings.








3 thoughts on “To Debbie

  1. Well bless your southern heart! Now I will have to print this out and frame it. Shoot – I’ll even include that picture of me – and you know how I hate pictures of me.

    Hey! Did you notice that my ring matches “Snowy?”

    Have a wonderful birthday woman. You deserve it! And start thinking about when you’re coming up here.

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