About Mushrooms


by Gladys Parker

April ’05

Let me tell you a story of Mushrooms – how good they can be

Through all of my years, they have avoided me.

One day when I saw them, on H.T.’s grocery shelf

I bought some small round ones, to try them for myself.

Ginger, my grandaughter, was with me that day.

“I know about mushrooms,” is what I heard her say.

So I took then home and cleaned them – they were shiny white.

When slicing them, I was aghast! For something wasn’t right.

They were the poisonous kind. That was my belief.

But, when I called Ginger, my mind had great relief.

“Don’t worry,” Ginger said, “They are okay.

Dark places on the inside, sometimes grow that way.”

Then I tried them – in omelets and salads too.

I found them very good, fixed the way I do.

Ginger called the next morning. And this is what she said,

“Grandmama, are you living?” I said, “Yes, I’m not dead!”

That’s my experience with mushrooms. She was really surprised at me.

For never eating mushrooms, and said, “Grandmama, you’re ninety-three!”

The point of this story is – No matter what age you turn,

Listen to your grandchildren. It’s never too late to learn.


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