Thanksgiving Today


by Gladys Green Parker, November 2005

Today America has somber thoughts

Of wars abroad that are being fought.

Of hurricanes winding on their way

To cross the gulf in the U.S.A.

Many lost their homes and lives

When wind and rain began to rise.

Thanksgiving is a day of prayer

Loving, and giving others care.

Thanksgiving is here to stay

America’s tradition since pilgrim days

There’s food a plenty and ready to go

On tables at home, and restaurants, you know.

Turkey and dressing and special meats

Yams and ham and delicious sweets.

Many calories are waiting there

Not to worry – pull up a chair.

Bless this food, Oh Lord, we pray

And keep us in your care today.

We pray for others and their loss

Help them bear their heavy cross

May peace come to all the world

And nation’s flags will unfurl

Clear the lands of putrid air

Lord, we need your tender care.



4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Today

  1. It is good to have a day in a year designated solely to remind us to be thankful.

    The world would be less chaotic, it will be a more peaceful place if each day, each one of us is aware of the need to be thankful. There is plenty for each of us to be grateful about in our lives, we must always be mindful of this, daily.

  2. Debbie, I found a poem today in one of her journals that she wrote in 2007! It’s about collards! I had never read it before, and I will post it on here soon.

    The picture was taken last year at my mom’s house, in her massive dining room.

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