I “Do Not Qualify” to Adopt a Rottweiler

Yeah, it’s pretty shameful.
Y’all know I own a Rottweiler, Hannah, that is just like my own child. My mother-in-law had this portrait done of her. It was a  Christmas present this year for my husband. We have it hanging over our mantel.  To say we adore this animal is an understatement. She is five years old, now, and when she eventually goes into the great doggie heaven in the sky, we are both gonna be blubbering idiots.
Well, recently, we got this hair brained idea, y’all. We decided that maybe it was time to get ourselves another puppy. We’d really like to give Hannah the opportunity to teach another little Rottie gal all she knows about bein’ the Most Spectacular Dog in the Entire Universe.
I hate to admit this, but we might’ve  made a few mistakes when we got Hannah. We found her online, from one of those backyard breeders. We didn’t realize, at the time, that gettin’ a puppy from a less than conscientious breeder was allowin’ them to continue to stay in business, thereby producing less that desirable specimens of the breed. Much to our dismay, our beautiful girl has hip dysplasia, and it ain’t pretty, ya’ll.  One day we will have to have her put down. And, of course, it goes without sayin’, we can’t breed her.
So this time around, I thought we’d do the noble thing, and rescue a puppy. One that wouldn’t otherwise have a chance at havin’ such committed and adoring parents, like us two fools. I found this Rottweiler Rescue outfit online and what’d ya know, they had the cutest lil ol litter of Rottie pups! Five little girls and five little boys! They even had a video camera set up to film their antics and you could watch them everyday on You Tube.
Well, naturally I fell in love with these pups. I wanted one so bad. I mean, what’s not to love about a Rottie pup? This is Hannie when she was little.
See what I mean, y’all?
One thing I noticed, and this is important to keep in mind, is that all of these puppies had had their tails docked. Which was fine by me, I think Rotties look better with their cute little nubs.
So right away, I filled out their “Application to Adopt”. It took me almost two hours! I couldn’t believe all the stuff they were wantin’ to know! They asked about everything, and I do mean everything. What was the square footage of our house, and how many people live in it? What ages are they? How many hours do we work per week, how much do we make, who’s our vet, what’s his address and phone number and if we’ve had this vet for less than a year, what’s the name, address and phone number of out previous vet, and why did we change vets? They asked if we would ever consider a Rottweiler with a tail, and I answered No. Because I really just wanted one of the ten cute, lil puppies that had already had their tails docked.
I’m now convinced that adopting a child from China would be alot easier.
A couple weeks went by and then I got this email:
Dear Ginger,
Thank you for your application unfortunately in order to qualify, you must know your animal control laws. You state that you don’t know of any, you can familiarize yourself with animal control laws by going to their website or just calling up and asking for a copy of them.  It is very important when you own a dog that you know these laws, especially with owning a Rottweiler.
Also, you state you would never adopt a Rottweiler with it’s natural tail.  Unfortunately, this is rescue and unless their tails have been docked at under 3 days old, you have a Rottweiler with a tail.  In rescue we are about saving lives and not their looks.
Thank you and best of luck in finding a puppy.
ARRF Coordinator
Well now, excuse me all to hell, y’all, but that was just rude! Was she accusin’ me of not wantin’ to save Rottweiler lives? And the comment about their looks. That’s kinda snooty, considerin’ that they’ve already ruined the “looks” of the puppies they’re advertising all over You Tube.
So I wrote her back, and then she wrote me back, with more of her rude comments highlighted:
Dear Suzi,
I just wanted to take a minute to respond. Obviously, I can find all of my county rules and ordinances concerning animals and Rottweilers in particular. I was trying to be truthful, when answering your questionnaire. I do not have every rule memorized. But I understand that dogs require a leash, animals cannot run free except in designated parks, they must be registered, they must be up to date on their vaccinations. I would do all of these things, anyway. I already own a Rottweiler, and have had her for 5 years. I love her DEARLY and it is insulting to me, to have it implied that I would break a law, or not care properly for my dog.

***Nobody “implied” you would break a law, and if you can so easily find your ordinances, then a) why didn’t you, and b) why would you state you do not think you have any ?

As far as the tail business goes, I understand that you are not in the business of docking dogs tails. I realize that you are “saving lives”. I think it should be obvious to you that I am also interested in saving a life, by applying to adopt a dog from a shelter. I have nothing against dogs with tails, it is just my preference in Rottweilers. I also prefer to adopt a puppy. In looking at your website pictures, I see that you have a variety of dogs, some with tails, some without, some older dog and some puppies. I was trying to express my preference, and if that makes me a horrible person and not fit to own a dog, so be it.
***The question was would you adopt a dog with a natural tail and you stated “no”  If it is only your preference, then you would have stated yes, but a no implies no. We have to discount the applications where people state no because a lot of our Rottweilers have their natural tail, when you  state no to the natural tail, there is always the chance that people will get the tail amputated and mutilate our dogs, so it is a standard denial as we must always protect the health and well being of our dogs.

I am amazed that you would pronounce someone as unqualified to adopt one of your animals with no other evidence to go on. Have you really got that many folks offering to take them, and pay the adoption fees you are asking for? And are all these folks that much more qualified than my husband and I? This was my first attempt to get an animal from a shelter. I thought it was the right thing to do. What an experience, to get slapped down and rejected for not answering your questions correctly! Now I am wondering if I should just give up and not try.
*****We did not deny you with no evidence to go on, you filled out the application and in your own words, you were being truthful, that is our evidence, your truthful answers on the application.  And yes, we actually do have that many people that want to adopt our dogs and puppies and pay our adoption fee.  We actually have more applications than dogs.

By turning us down, you are shutting the door on a loving family and a great home for one of your dogs. And by doing so, you are letting down one of your dogs.
**** I am not letting down any of my dogs, as you have to fit our guidlines and qualify, so I would be letting down one of my dogs by allowing someone who does not qualify adopt.

I am attaching a picture of my rottweiler, Hannah. I want you to see that I have managed to take pretty good care of her and she is healthy, happy and loved. Thank you for what you are doing to help the breed that I love so much. I am sorry that my heart and my home do not meet your high standards.
***** These are not high standards, you should see what other rescues require for their adoptions.  These are regular standard questions to determine if your qualify for one of our dogs.  Obviously you take care of your own dog, we never said you were not qualified to love and care for your own dog, however, we do not approve applications that don’t meet our requirements.
Again, thank you and best of luck in your search for your puppy.

Well. Suzi, your whole “tone” tells me something. You migh be livin’ in North Carolina, but you’re obviously not from around here, darlin’. The part about us possibly MUTALATING one of your dogs almost made my head explode. (Is she SERIOUS, y’all? )
I guess we won’t be gettin’ another puppy anytime soon. The whole dern experience has left a sour taste in my mouth. I feel bad for poor Hannah, what with her havin’ such an unqualified, potential tail mutilatin’, requirement failin’ mother, like me. I guess loving the breed to the point of distraction, trying to be completly honest, and wanting to give a decent life to another dog counts as nothing.
So if any of y’all are thinkin’ about adopting from a rescue organization, be forewarned. Study up on all of your county ordinances, make sure you tell them that you’re willin’ to take any kind of dog they have, in any condition, and be prepared to be turned down anyways. There are homeless people livin’ under bridges down here, but a homeless dog must have the run of your house, and it better be big enough, nice enough and with enough square footage, y’all!
Oh, and also, you’ll need four real good, reliable references, who have known you for years and can vouch for your character…and a hefty $250 adoption fee.

10 thoughts on “I “Do Not Qualify” to Adopt a Rottweiler

  1. Oh. My. God.

    I’m shocked.

    What a great loss to the rescue agency that they do not have YOU to adopt one of their dogs.

    Suzi sounds like a complete bitch. But don’t let her make the decision for you. Keep looking. Just as Hannah was there for you, there is another just waiting for you to find her.

  2. Debbie, as you can probably tell, this whole thing has me pretty riled up. If this is how they treat well intentioned folks who already OWN a rottweiler, imagine how this kind of treatment could scare off someone who has never owned one. You would think they’d want to try and welcome people who are interested in adopting a rescued dog, not belittle them into giving up. She doesn’t know me, and yet I am being judged based on my answer to two ridiculous questions.

  3. I think that you would have better luck adopting a child from China. And not speaking a LICK of Chinese.

    Seriously, the responses were ridiculous. I can only imagine that they have turned away loving families therefore promoting the puppy farms for these families to have a dog! Rescue Schmescue. It is silly to have to be approved based on a tail crop.

  4. I don’t think I would ever get a dog from a rescue agency. EVER. The ones down here have some pretty ridiculous requirements also. One of them will not adopt an animal to a military family. At all. They automatically exclude ALL military families because a FEW have abandoned their pets when they moved.

  5. Ack, what a hassle. It’s like they don’t WANT anyone to adopt a dog. We have an agency in Washington State that I had a similar experience with.

    Happy New Year! I hope 2009 is great for you and yours.

  6. Yikes! When we adopted a dog (not a puppy) from the Humane Society many years back we were surprised that they wanted $50. But then we realized this was to discourage people from taking home a “free” puppy on impulse. The only other requirement was that we have a fenced yard.

    Knowing what a great dog mommy you are, I can see how the letter you received raised YOUR fur. Out in California, it’s become increasingly difficult to find homes for big dogs, as so many people live in apartments or don’t want the responsibility. So the fact that you already are familiar with the breed so you know what you’re getting into would move you to the front of the line IMO.

    Sorry you got treated so shabbily, Ginger. Sounds like the dogs should be reviewing the applications instead.

  7. I know rescue organizations mean well and want to find good “forever homes” for their dogs, but I’ve gotta tell you, some of my experiences with them are crazy. I understand wanting to make sure you’re around, have a fenced yard, etc. but the thing about the tail is just weird. So is wanting to know your income. I mean, c’mon.

    You’ll find your puppy. There are tons of them out there and one of them is just for you and Hannah.

  8. Ginger,
    This is a horrible woman who is doing no justice for her dogs! I have a Rottweiler too. She will be five in June. I got her from the SPCA. I tried going through a rescue and it was one of the worst experiences I have ever had. You sign your life away ( and never really own the animal because they claim legally to be able to visit it and take it away at any given time if they feel like it ) and B) you pay this huge amount of money…so in actuality, you are renting the pet. Well I just made my way down the SPCA three weeks ago and found myself the cutest little Rottweiler puppy to go along with my five year old girl. I answered three questions on the form, gave them $80, collected my new pal and went on home. In addition, she came already spayed, had her first set of shots and they gave me a nice big bag of Iams for her. It was a great experience. If you go to petfinder.com you will find one in due time. There are literally thousands out there who need YOU so please nasty woman bring you down. Forget her and go save a life somewhere else. Suzi is in the wrong business. I think she should go where no man has gone before and never return.

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