The Red Wall


I found a new thing to participate in… Ruby Tuesday. It’s easy to do. Just post a picture of something red on Tuesdays. This here is my son, Klinton. Yes, that’s Klinton with a “K”. He’s looking pretty sexy in a bar, somewhere in downtown Wilmington. I don’t know which one, and I’ve never asked. After all, there’s some things your southern momma don’t need to know, y’all.

But it’s the red wall that’s the real star here. Ain’t it just gorgeous?


11 thoughts on “The Red Wall

  1. Because we can! Also because shaving can be so troublesome, so when you can grow it and show it you can say goodbye to shaving and hello to a manly beard.

    But I think I intimidated too many people, so I shaved it off.

  2. Dear Ginger… It is always nice to see someone new at Ruby Tuesday. I have only been “playing” it myself for just a few short months. My friend, Felisol from the far side of the sea convinced me to join and I am happy that she did!
    What I really like about this picture, besides the ruby walls, is the refection of Klinton in the table!
    Happy Ruby Tuesday from Terry, of Southern Ontario, Canada..

  3. I have always wanted to grow a beard, but can never seem to stand it past about 4 or 5 days. The goatee keeps my “Jay Leno” sized chin covered pretty well. I think when I’m gray I’ll have to grow the long wispy wizard beard.

  4. Klinton looks good no matter where he is. But to me … it looks like he’s waiting at the bar … waiting for his girlfriend ….. SnowyFeathers! ~LOL~

  5. That’s really a great shot. I love the reflection in the table. And the red wall is the perfect backdrop.

    This is my first time to participate in Ruby Tuesday, too. My RT image is posted here. Please stop by if you get a chance.

  6. I love your picture and I absolutely love the name of your blog. My husband and I are still smiling when I told him about finding this right now!
    better known as Allison

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