The Kure Beach Fishing Pier Pelican

This is for Wordless Wednesday, Thursday Edition. Easy as pie to play, y’all. Just post a picture of anything you like, link to their site and you’re in! It doesn’t matter if it’s not Wednesday. Every day has an edition!

This picture was taken in Kure Beach, NC on the famous Kure Beach Fishing Pier. (That’s pronounced ker-ree, for all y’all non-residents and Yankees.)  It is the oldest fishing pier on the Atlantic seaboard, built in 1923.

This pelican is so used to folks that he’ll sit right there, real quiet like, and let you sneak up on him to get his picture.



5 thoughts on “The Kure Beach Fishing Pier Pelican

  1. I love the picture of the pelican. Nice job of getting his photograph. We are going to South American first part of March and are going to a pelican farm.

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