Watery Wednesday – Niagara Falls at Night

This is for Wordless Wednesday and Watery Wednesday, both! This photo was taken at Niagara Falls.



Watery Wednesday is hosted by 2sweetnsaxy at Eyes, Mind and Heart. It’s so easy, even cavemen and southern women can do it! Just post a photo, on Wednesday, y’all, of something with water in it. That’s all ya gotta do, I swaunee.

15 thoughts on “Watery Wednesday – Niagara Falls at Night

  1. That is absolutely beautiful! Wow! I’ve never seen a photo with it lit up like that.

    By the way, you posted the wrong link on the Watery Wednesday page. You can re-enter it.

  2. i love the coloured lights! and the water
    i think you have chosen an unusual angls for the photo – most pics you see are of the water after it starts falling
    thanks for sharing

  3. Yes it’s from the American side. We tried going over to Canada and I almost “snapped” during that whole experience! (Don’t eeven think about going over that border without a birth certificate or Social Security card for all of your stepchildren!)

    We took this shot with a Cannon Digital Rebel XT. No special lens – we just put the camera on a tripod and lowered the shutter speed.

  4. Wow! What a shot! You must be a pro to get such a great night shot! I’ve never been to NF and until now none of the photos I have ever seen made me want to go. Thanks!

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