Shadows In Paradise

shadow-shot-sunday-logo1This photo is for Shadow Shot Sunday. It was made on a perfect, warm November day in Mexico, near the port of Playa Del Carmen, at a surreal place called Xel-Ha, pronounced “Shell Ha”.

Xel-Ha is described as an ecological nature park, but in reality, it is pretty much paradise on earth, y’all.  It has a river and lagoons that you can snorkel in, ride a tube or a canoe in, or you can swim with dolphins. There are nature trails, bridges, tropical plants, hammocks to relax in, beaches so beautiful they will take your breath away, and underground water caves, also known as cenotes.

On top of all that, your admission price includes all the food you can eat and all the alcohol you can drink, and there is a different bar or restaurant around every corner. Now that’s my idea of hospitality!


13 thoughts on “Shadows In Paradise

  1. Your shadow shot looks so peaceful. What a lovely sounding place to visit. I love the idea of the ‘all you can eat & drink’ included in the admission price! I’d go a bit crazy with that offer 🙂

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