Red Peppers (Ruby Tuesday)


Ruby Tuesday is a photo sharing concept, or meme, if you will, y’all. Every Tuesday you post one of your own  photos that contains something red. It can be a whole lotta red, or a little bit of red. I liked the eclectic collection of pictures I saw over at  Work of the Poet, so I decided to play.

And I really, really like the cute little red Dorothy shoes in the Ruby Tuesday button (left). Ain’t they just too cute? If you click on them, you can look at lots of other folks’ Ruby Tuesday photos.

This is a picture of my middle son, Ryan, cooking red peppers on our grill. He is an excellent cook, and he was grilling the peppers to make a red pepper sauce to go over a fancy fish dish that he made for us. It was my Mother’s Day present a couple of year’s ago – a gourmet meal for the whole family.  Ryan has been a sous chef for several years, and  has even cooked meals for several stars, including Queen Latifa and Dakota Fanning!

This year, his Mother’s Day gift is going to be a grandchild, y’all!



18 thoughts on “Red Peppers (Ruby Tuesday)

  1. Ginger, He’s a real good-looking boy! And those RED pepers are perfect for Ruby Tuesday! Welcome to out meme! So glad you decided to play! And congrats ahead of time on the grandchild! Woo hoo! 🙂

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