Watery Wednesday – Catchin’ a Wave


Well, it’s another Watery Wednesday. It really is watery here today, y’all. We woke up to nasty, rainy, wet skies and the kind of cold that makes you want to just huddle under the blankies with a cup of coffee and watch depressing news on CNN. Or, maybe not.

This action photo was made last summer at Wrightsville Beach, NC, with the help of a zoom lens and a lot of my husband’s patience. It is a picture of my beautiful stepdaughter, enjoying the waves for the first time in her life. She lives in Upstate New York, and visits us for exactly four weeks (and not one day more, thanks bio-mom for being such a stickler.)  Although we have taken her to the beach during every summer visit for the past seven years, last year was the first year she finally got brave enough to go out into the water past her ankles. And she loved it, as you can see!

We are grateful that little girls do eventually grow up and stop listening to their mother’s warnings of all the horrible things that could happen when you go into the ocean. No sharks ate her, no jelly fish stung her, she did not drown, or get a massive sunburn, or get pulled out to sea by the under-tow. She just finally got to enjoy what most kids take for granted….a beautiful summer day at the beach.

Now y’all need to play the meme and post a picture of something watery. You can participate and see lots of other watery shots by going here, or just click on the button. Easy as pie!


9 thoughts on “Watery Wednesday – Catchin’ a Wave

  1. What an excellent shot. I used to practically live at the beach but still never quite got used to the waves, maybe because I still can’t swim. 🙂 I’m glad your stepdaughter enjoyed it to the max.

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