Scenic Sunday Mountains


This is my fourth week of posting for Scenic Sunday, a photo meme of scenery, held every weekend.  It can be anything you feel is a scenic photo; landscapes, flowers, buildings, or whatever.To join, just post your best scenery shots and link back to Scenic Sunday. Then visit all the other photos and comment. You won’t believe all the beautiful and scenic photographs you’ll find.

These majestic mountains are what you’ll see on the  Blue Ridge Parkway, near Asheville, North Carolina. This shot was taken in November, a time when most of the trees are bare.



4 thoughts on “Scenic Sunday Mountains

  1. oh boy I know these mountains pretty good. I haven’t hiked through them.

    But, let me tell you that i have had many a thrill winding around I40 with my hubby in the big truck.

    Wow it’s like a roller coaster ride. But, even from the interstate the view is lovely.

    Thanks for sharing a great shot with all of us!!:-))

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