Girls in Blue For Blue Monday


These girls in blue are my step daughter and her best “Wilmington” friend, when they were about seven. I love little girls when they get to be about this age. They’re completely fearless. These two thought ganging up on my husband in the backyard was a  great idea, and so they did. Girls rule, ya know.

Blue MondayThis photo is for Blue Monday, a meme started by Smiling Sally.

It’s easy to do, and pretty self-explanatory. Post a photograph of something blue, go to Blue Monday, here, and add your blog. Then sit back and wait for the comments to roll in! Oh yeah, and it helps if you spread some bloggy love, by commenting on all the other lovely blue pictures.


13 thoughts on “Girls in Blue For Blue Monday

  1. Hey Ginger. Don’t tell anyone but I’m just getting up!!
    I see your sleep deprived also …. what is with this menopause crap anyway?
    Love the tittle of your blog. My husband’s fav cookies.
    I just turned 53, so you know where I’m coming from…actually I’m coming from Canada just so you know. It actually SNOWED this morning (I was told). It didn’t stick, thank God. I’m so ready for spring.
    Glad you enjoyed my little kitchen. My whole house is in living “pastel” color. You can see most of it in my archives. Met Monday Feb. 16th…before and after unreal.
    Love your blues today on the girls.
    Happy Blue Monday and “get some sleep”
    Love Claudie

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