Red Toes for Ruby Tuesday


Today’s photo is mainly to satisfy my husband’s “feetish”. That’s southern slang, around these parts, for “foot fetish.” Anyways, he took this photo on Christmas day of my toes, all dressed up for the holiday, in “Affair In Red Square” by OPI. Wearin’ fancy flip flops on Christmas Day! It really is a Wonderful Life, y’all.

This is for Ruby Tuesday , a photo sharing concept, or meme. Every Tuesday you post one of your own  photos that contains something red. It can be a whole lotta red, or a little bit of red. I liked the eclectic collection of pictures I saw over at  Work of the Poet, so I decided to play.

rubyslippers-copy2And I really, really like the cute little red Dorothy shoes in the Ruby Tuesday button (left). Ain’t they just too cute? If you click on them, you can look at lots of other folks’ Ruby Tuesday photos.

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13 thoughts on “Red Toes for Ruby Tuesday

  1. I don’t know whether to be more jealous of your gorgeous feet, the fact you can stand to have something between your toes or that you were wearing sandals on Christmas day.

    • Well, everytime my husband reads one of your comments, he says, “That Jan is so cool…..I wish I could send her a bottle of Lephraoig!” I’m starting to think he’s secretly in love with you, so we’re even! You can be jealous of my feet, and I’ll be jealous of my husband’s obsession with a woman who appreciates single malt scotch!

    • I know! How about this one: “I’m Not Really a Waitress.” I mean, how cool is that?

  2. You can’t believe how many people come to my blog to read “Why is Horniness Coming out of My Mom’s Feet,” (which is about a Science Fair project). I’ve seen some of the “search terms” people use and there are a lot of people with foot fetishes out there. I just got my first pedicure of the year so I could write about these, but your feet make mine look live hooves. Maybe I should just direct all of these “fetishists” to your post. 🙂

  3. I am super jealous of how fabulous your feet looked on Christmas Day – in sandals no less! Impossible up here in snow country…

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