Watery Wednesday Tears


It’s Watery Wednesday and I’m makin’ some water, in the form of tears. A lot of things make me cry. Sad movies, like My Dog Skip or Charlotte’s Web. Heck, even sad commercials get me. I cry at weddings and funerals and when my boys give me sappy Mother’s Day cards. I cry when I get mad, or frustrated and (I hate this) when I make mistakes at work. I even cried when I was watching Shamu the Whale at Sea World. Don’t ask me why, it just got to me, OK?

But this right here is one of the best things I’ve ever cried over. My grand daughter, Freya. This is a picture of me holding her for the first time. I thought I could get through it without crying. But then I had to go and try to say, “Hi sweetie, it’s your Grandma Ginger.”

Oh shoot. I just made myself cry again, y’all.

waterywed2b1Watery Wednesday is hosted by 2sweetnsaxy at Eyes, Mind and Heart. It’s so easy, even cavemen and southern grandmas can do it! Just post a photo, on Wednesday, y’all, of something with water in it. Then link back to Watery Wednesday so other folks can enjoy your photo! That’s all ya gotta do, I swaunee.

13 thoughts on “Watery Wednesday Tears

  1. I’m the very same way, so don’t feel bad – you’re not alone!
    But you’re right, this is one for crying over & it’s expected to cry over a grand baby- I sure do! hehehe

    God bless you & that new baby!

    • Being a crybaby myself, I envy you. You let your tears run freely, whereas I have mastered how to hold them back. Anything beautiful or true even if it’s just a bouquet of flowers or a tender picture of bonding between people like yours can make my eyes water. But I hold them back, fight them even. I wish I could just let it out like you do.

  2. Lovely photo! I tear up at the oddest moments but there’s nothing odd about holding your first grandbaby and falling in love! Congrats….I visited sometime recently and came around again today. Nice blog. We just spent a week in NC on vacation on OBX but did a little tour of other few towns and really like your state. Paul keeps talking about heading to the Carolinas for good and it may just happen!

  3. Oh, heck, everything makes me cry!

    Since I cry at strangers’ babies (I would definitely cry if I could see Freya in person), there is no possibility I’m going to be dry-eyed when my first grandchild appears in September.

    Many congratulations to you.

  4. What a sweet photo. (Belated) Congratulations on your granddaughter. She’s absolutely adorable! And totally worthy of shedding a tear or two over.

    (So is My Dog Skip. Love, love, love that movie.)

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