A Post Every Day? Heavens to Betsy!

IMG_1072Thanks to my friend, Jan, over at Jan’s Sushi Bar, I’ve decided to give this here posting every day thing a try, y’all.

It’s called NaBloPoMo, and I can’t believe how long it just took me to write that. Stands for “National Blog Posting Month”. You post something every day for a month, so here is my first post for the month of August.

The theme for the month is “Tomorrow.”

I’m not sure how we’re supposed to incorporate that. Being southern, I should be able to figure out something to say, right?

Alright. Tomorrow I will try to think up a more interesting post. I swaunnie. (That’s southern-ese for “I swear”, which was pretty much forbidden to say in the Southern Baptist household that I grew up in. We also couldn’t say piss. We had to say “tee tee” or “wee wee” or maybe “pee pee”, but definitely not “Pee”. Pee sounded way too crass, y’all.)

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10 thoughts on “A Post Every Day? Heavens to Betsy!

    • I don’t think my mother ever heard of the word “crap” until sometime in the 80’s, maybe.

  1. So funny. I grew up in Jersey with NYC parents, and we never ever said “pee.” or piss. When I became a pediatric RN and heard other nurses asking kids if they’d “peed,” I thought it sounded awful. But within weeks I was asking it too. Old habits die hard, but they do die.
    Looking forward to what you do this month.

  2. My Grandmother was a perfect lady – never cursed, never had a bad thing to say about anyone. She always saw the best in everyone.

    When I was a young boy I was visiting my Grandma and said something about being pissed. She giggled and asked me how I spelled that word. I told her “P-I-S-T” and couldn’t get her to stop laughing for the rest of the weekend. She remembered that for the rest of her life!

    • A comment from the Infamous Beloved? Well! I’m so thrilled!

      My grandmother was the perfect lady as well. How I miss her. I’m assuming your grandmother was southern?

    • No, she was born in Western PA and lived in Lousiville, OH nearly all of her 101 years.

      BTW, when I was a kid we never pinched a loaf, we “grunted”. Well, that is what you do – though as I get older I sigh with relief, but I suppose it is too much of a euphemism to say I just “sighed”!

  3. We never did anything as crass as pee, and we certainly NEVER pissed – we tinkled. Bowel movements were referred to in even more arcane terms.

    I’m so glad you’re joining me and Tricia for NaBloPoMo! Even if you are making that face at me…

    • I forgot about “Tinkle”! Yep, that one too. And bowel movements? My mother would actually say, “Did you have a BM, sweeeeeet-tea?” or, “Do you need to doo-doo?”

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