Teenagers and Texting


Thanks to my friend, Jan, over at Jan’s Sushi Bar, I’ve decided to give this here posting every day thing a try, y’all.

It’s called NaBloPoMo,and I can’t believe how long it just took me to write that. Stands for “National Blog Posting Month”. You post something every day for a month.

The theme for the month is “Tomorrow.”

Speaking of how things change, back when my boys were teenagers, it was an exciting day when the parents got a cell phone. I remember when they were called “car phones” because that’s what they were – a phone for your car.  We never dreamed of being able to afford one for our kids. When did this luxury become a necessity for teenagers? I wouldn’t have ever imagined, back then, that our world would be like it is today.

We have two teenagers visiting in our house this month. They eat, and text while they are eating. They sleep, and upon waking up, they immediately check for text messages. They text during watching TV, riding rollercoasters and talking to each other. My stepdaughter can look me in the eye, carry on a complete conversation, while all the while she is texting what seems like an entire novel with her right thumb.

It amazes me, y’all. It really does.


4 thoughts on “Teenagers and Texting

  1. At one point during the summer, The Young One’s father suspended his computer privileges, so he took to chatting on his phone instead (he has a new girlfriend, y’know). I logged into my Verizon account online, and he has sent and received almost 14,000 text messages in a month.

  2. I believe that. I think my step daughter can burn through 14,000 in a day, WHILE she chats simultaneously on the computer!

  3. Yes, the texting is fast and furious everywhere teenagers live and breathe. I don’t allow cell phones in any way at the table and I’m starting to get a little peeved in the car too. What the hell happened to conversation. Like, in actual words, to the people next to you??

  4. I’ve finally learned how to text and it’s like speaking in haiku. For the longest time I couldn’t figure out the punctuation. When I did, it was like I was on top of the world. When I was back visiting my parents, my friends were texting me during dinner, and it was SO hard to ignore incoming messages. SO not cool to be checking your phone while you’re eating.

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