Starting Off With A Girl’s Day

Thanks to my friend, Jan, over at Jan’s Sushi Bar, I’ve decided to give this here posting every day thing a try, y’all.

It’s called NaBloPoMo,and I can’t believe how long it just took me to write that. Stands for “National Blog Posting Month”. You post something every day for a month.


Yesterday was the first day of our Stay-cation! My step daughter, Dani, and her best friend, Sella, are pictured here in front of our home. We are staying home for the the next ten days, having a vacation here in our “own backyard.” ( That includes our town, and the surrounding area. )

Every year when Dani is here, it has become our tradition to have a “Girl’s Day.” We go and get manicures and pedicures, have a girl’s luncheon, and some type of “shopping spree.” We both look forward to this, y’all. She gets to be spoiled by a stepmom who really, really wants her to enjoy spending time with her dad and his new wife, and I get to do the spoiling as well as participate in silly girly things, y’all. Since I am the mother of three sons, I probably look forward to the “girl days” more than she does.

IMG_0913 A couple of years ago, my oldest son married an angel named Erika and since then, we have included her in the “Girl’s Day.” Dani adores her as much as I do. She is a wicked shopper, knows where all the best bargains and parking spots are, keeps us in stitches with her bizarre sense of humor and (most importantly) she blends right into the goofiness that makes “Girl’s Day” so much fun.

The fact that she is now expecting her firstborn and my second grandchild makes her just that much more adorable to be around!

IMG_4859Erika picked us up and we headed over to one of her favorite restaurants, La Costa, for lunch.

We munched on tortilla chips and salsa while we read over the menus and ordered drinks.

This is Dani hiding her cell phone in her lap so I can’t get yet another of about one hundred pictures of her texting posing cutely with a chip.

Picture 005

Picture 007

This is Sella, devouring her soft taco, while I took a break from torturing Dani with the camera my shrimp burrito and mango margarita.

After our delicious and fun-filled lunch, it was time for mani-pedis!

Picture 020

The manicurists were afraid we were going to report them as illegal aliens a little worried, I think, when I kept taking pictures. I tried to explain that we were on a Staycation and I had a blog to do, but I’m not sure they know how to speak English understood.

Picture 028

Erika said that sitting in the massage chair, soaking her feet in the hot bath, was the most relaxed she’s been since she got pregnant!

As a side note, why do all the people who do nails rudely carry on a conversation in Vietnamese, probably gossiping about how much they hate all of us stupid Americans refuse to speak English?

Picture 032

Dani and Sella both got acrylic nails. Dani said the only things her manicurist said to her were, “don’t move”, “go wash your hands” and “go sit over there.”

I still gave her a tip.

After the mani pedis, we went to the mall for a little shopping and the girls wanted to get new piercings in their ears. We had it done at the Merle Norman store.

Picture 059

This is Dani’s “War Face.” She is thinking she wishes I would stop taking her picture, for crying out loud! trying not to cry. She was having her ears pierced with a gun.

Picture 066

Sella was squeezing all the blood out of me holding my hands while maintaining eye contact. When the gun went in, she screamed, “HOLY SHIT!” and jumped off of the chair.

To which we all dissolved into giggling fits over, y’all.

Picture 081

They got matching earrings and matching nails!

Picture 070

Time for a full blown retarded moment people watching break with Double Chocolate Chip Frappuccinos from Starbucks! Dani hates how she looks in this picture, but I think she’s cute.

And, after all, I am the evil stepmom…..bwah ha ha ha!

Picture 077

We found some kick-ass delightful and fun new shoes for Dani.

Picture 082

The sun was already setting when we left the mall.

Picture 084

The boredom of waiting for us to get home from “Girl’s Day” inspired Jeff to crawl into a Scotch bottle have a few drinks and pass out doze sweetly on the couch.

The girls decided to repay him for an earlier event, which included pouring water and banging pots and pans. Needless to say he was mad as hell sweetly surprised by our arrival.

Picture 086

After Jeff was miraculously revived from the dead gently awoken by his loving daughter, we forced him enthusiastically inspired him to look at our beautiful new toes!

Picture 088

We also modeled our manicures for him.

The old wrinkly mature  hand is mine, in case y’all didn’t know.

I hope y’all enjoyed our first post about our first day of Staycation. Tonight we are going on a Ghost Walk of Old Wilmington, so I’ll bore everybody to death post all about that tomorrow!

5 thoughts on “Starting Off With A Girl’s Day

  1. This looks way fun and I love those French-tip nails. As a confirmed nail-biter, I was actually lured to the local salon by a friend. They don’t speak English here either though she grimaced as she looked at my hands and proclaimed, “Oooh, shallow nail bed!” The one time I got a pedicure, the woman said, “Massage – only $10 dollars!” and I thought I was in a red-light district. But there’s something so fun about walking out with new nails. I had to give up the acrylics as I developed an allergy, but for one entire month I had nails.

  2. I recently had my very first pedicure. I HATE people to touch my feet, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. My mom went with me and she gave ’em hell for not speaking English. Every single time someone would say something, she’d say “I’m sorry, I don’t understand, what did you say?” even when it was clear they weren’t talking to her. Gotta love my mom.

  3. And why do you have your blog set up that you don’t get a link to the people who comment to you. Maybe that’s why they don’t … because half of commenting is that they expect people who read their comments on your page will click to their page. Wait. Did I make any sense?

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