If Only I Was As Funny As Margaret and Helen

Thanks to my friend, Jan, over at Jan’s Sushi Bar, I’ve decided to give this here posting every day thing a try, y’all.

It’s called NaBloPoMo,and I can’t believe how long it just took me to write that. Stands for “National Blog Posting Month”. You post something every day for a month.

And it’s damn hard.

I’m still scratchin’ my head y’all, and wondering what it takes to get comments. Well, lots of comments. Apparently, I ain’t got it. There’s this pair of old ladies that blog, Margaret and Helen, and the last time I checked, they had 478 comments on their last post! And no, they do not post every day. And as best as I can tell, they do not leave comments. Shoot. It must take them all day just to read the comments that they get. Nor do they post pictures. At all.

My best guess is that they are popular because they blog about politics. Me, I can’t even spell it. (Seriously, I just had to spell check it.)

That, and well, they’re funny. Yeah, that helps I suppose.

My whining post yesterday seems to have paid off, somewhat. I did get a few comments, although the one from my son calling me pathetic hurt just a little. But it did bring two of my friends, who had started new blogs without so much as a word to me about it ( I know! Can you believe it?) out of hiding. So now everyone (all five of you) run on over to A Tired Wife ( this is Debbie at Buzzin By, she got tired of buzzin’, y’all ) and Sandie Goes To Italy and check them out!

Oh no, wait just a cotton pickin’ minute.

Sandie and Debbie were two of my readers yesterday, so all four of y’all go check them out. While yer at it, check out Margaret and Helen, too. Pretty funny stuff.

Yesterday was day five of our Staycation. We went to Wrightsville Beach. It was one of those perrrrfect summer days. The water was an amazing color of blue.


The sky was so clear that you could see Carolina Beach from Johhny Mercer’s Pier! In my recollection, that has never happened!


IMG_5494Of course, Dani is so happy to be spending a few short weeks in North Carolina with her father and stepmom, to be doing all kinds of fun packed activities every single day, like going to the beach,  taking expensive tours, shopping at the mall, having her nails done and going out to eat almost every single night, that she hardly ever has time to even check her cell phone for text messages.


I swear I’m going to do a post called “I Know What You Did Last Summer” and in it I’m going to post a picture of Dani texting her way through every activity that we have spent our hard earned money on, just to try and entertain her.

Who knew? We could have saved hundreds of dollars by just learning how to text!

That’s it! Next year we’ll just sit around the house for a month and text each other! Oh, and when we’re not texting, we can comment on each others Myspace and Facebook pages. Seriously.

Speaking of Myspace, why do all the kids have to post pictures of themselves with their tongues hanging out, like bad imitations of KISS? And what’s up with the peace sign?

IMG_5646On the way to dinner at my mom’s last night, we decided to try and distract the girls away from the constant texting by goofing around and taking silly pictures.

This is going to be my profile picture on Myspace when I get, you know, like,  cool enough to do cool stuff like text and pose like one of them.

IMG_5647This is Jeff’s attempt at being a cool dad.

I’m not sure they ever actually stopped texting, but at least they laughed.



8 thoughts on “If Only I Was As Funny As Margaret and Helen

  1. Just so you know, I’ve tried to follow Margaret and Helen or Helen and Margaret or whoever they are and I don’t care for that blog one bit. So, they have comments. Wooo. Seriously Ging … quit stressing over it.

    Why in the world is it impossible to get a picture of a teenager without a phone in front of their face anymore?

    Danielle has changed so drastically since I saw her last. She’s really very beautiful … like model worthy beautiful.

    And thanks for the plug to my all new (without talking to you about it first) smart-ass blog site.

    • You don’t like Margaret and Helen? I think they’re hilarious! And I’ll stress out about it all I want, thank you very much. There! How’s that for smart ass?
      Thanks for the compliment about Danielle. No. Wait. She’s not really related to me, so I can’t accept any credit.

  2. Oh … and you DO know what it means if the tongue is out and the peace sign is in front of the tongue, don’t you?

    • Yes, we know. I’m just loathe to mention it. Got to be politically correct, ya know?
      (We are both hoping that “they” don’t know what it means!)

  3. That was a nice smart-ass comment back. Just for that, you are now officially on my list of guest posters.

    Of course, I have nowhere to go until December, but you’re up first. Followed by Diamond in the Rough. It should be a fun week.

    • So you get to go on a cruise, and I get to stay home and baby-sit your blog? That hardly seems fair.

      And you are supposedly the tired one?

      Hmm…maybe I could write about how lousy the food was on our one and only cruise?

  4. As an Independent who is best described as Libertarian (although I don’t agree 100% with that party’s politics, either), I find “Margaret and Helen” to be a tad boring, to say nothing of shrill. It’s like listening to the same song, over and over and over again.

    I also am one of those who are of the opinion that “Margaret and Helen” are definitely not two 82-year-old women – I simply find it hard to believe that any 82-year-old is quite that “hip” in their language (I don’t know about your mother or grandmother, but mine would probably die before she’d say – or even write – the phrase “crawled up your ass”). It is my belief that the blogger is a lone person, male, and at least 3, if not 5, decades younger than Margaret and Helen claim to be.

    The blog gets a lot of comments because they, like Dooce, have a good gimmick. “Hey, look – even sweet little old ladies are rabid Democrats who call Dick Cheney a bitch!”

    • Jan, I’m a registered Republican, but I’m a backslidden Baptist, too. I voted for Bob Barr and I like a lot of the Libertarian’s ideas.

      As for M& H, you’re right, come to think of it. They DON’T sound anything like my mom or grandmothers. But then again, mine are all so southern that they’d rather stick their heads up one than actually say the word, “ass.”

      Oh, and who is Dooce? Off to google it.

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