Random Recap


Today we are on the road traveling. We are taking our girls home, after having had a wonderful month of vacation. Dani, my 14 year old step daughter, and Sella, who we have come to love as a daughter this month.

We had a lot of random fun. We went to Colonial Williamsburg and Busch Gardens and rode every roller coaster there. Including the scary Griffin. We got sunburned at the beach, swam in the pool, ate hot dogs and pizza and chicken spiedies. We went to Myrtle Beach and rode water slides. We stuffed ourselves full of meat at Rioz. We went swimming in the sound near Figure Eight Island and rode a friend’s boat. We went golfing and the girls drove golf carts. We took a tour of Screen Gems studios, went on a haunted ghost walk of downtown Wilmington, rode segways all over town and peed in a haunted bathroom. We spent time with family, had dinner cooked by two different grandmothers, went shopping for clothes, earrings, shoes and make up. The girls got to hold my first grand daughter, and felt the tummy that holds the second one.

This is Sella and Dani at Colonial Williamsburg. Dani is texting.


This is girls on the ferry boat with Jeff. Dani is texting.


This is Dani, the first day we went to the beach. She was texting.


This is the girls on our friend’s boat. Dani is texting.


We enjoyed a few quiet evenings around the house.


We had a golfing day. This is Dani…oh, nevermind.


They also had fun at the mall.


And a nice meal at Wild Wings.


Quick! Check for messages before the Segway Tour! No phones allowed for two whole hours!


This is Dani, multi-tasking. Tanning and texting.


Nothing like a beautiful summer vacation at Wrightsville Beach.


So as y’all can see, we had some great fun here this month. Does anyone else see a trend, or is it just me?

8 thoughts on “Random Recap

  1. Do either of their phones make a REALLY annoying sound when they receive a text? I’m on the verge of chucking The Young One’s phone out a window.

    • They have them on “vibrate” so as long as they are holding the phone in their hands (and they ALWAYS are) we at least don’t have to listen to annoying sounds. I Fervently wish Dani’s phone would somehow have a unfortunate early demise.

  2. Bwaa-ha-ha … oh, wait. I can’t laugh. Me, Aaron and Rachel (his) were in the living room last night posting to each other’s Facebook page from our phones. I looked up and bust out laughing.

  3. I just don’t get it either…my kids all like to text and their phones make these weird sounds whenever they receive a text. Annoying after awhile. I have only tried to text one time and it took me forever to punch in one sentence. I gave up and haven’t tried since. I just don’t see the appeal but apparently many people do. Some of my kids send/receive thousands of text each month. Crazy!
    Looks and sounds like you all had a great month though…even if they texted their way through it…lol. I’m sure it was hard taking them home.

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