Hurricane Bill Brought Us Some Surf


Thanks to my friend, Jan, over at Jan’s Sushi Bar, I’ve decided to give this here posting every day thing a try, y’all. It’s called NaBloPoMo,and I can’t believe how long it just took me to write that. Stands for “National Blog Posting Month”. You post something every day for a month.

It’s ridiculously hard ….damn near impossible….a monumental task on the weekends..the biggest challenge of my life so far….can we just say only seven days left?…almost over and I have really, really run out of things to say.

If y’all have been payin’ any attention to my blog this month, then you know we were wasting all our time and money cheerfully hosting two teenage girls this month. We decided we’d have a Staycation, which is a vacation in your own backyard. We took the girls to Wrightsville Beach on several occasions so they could be provided with a more exotic location to text in work on their tans and enjoy being on the beach.

We rook this photo the day after Hurricane Bill rolled by us, and the although there were red flags, warning swimmers of dangerous riptides, the surfers were having a delightful time. We were able to get a few excellent shots and I thought this would be good for Water Wednesday.

WateryWed2bWatery Wednesday is hosted by 2sweetnsaxy at Eyes, Mind and Heart. It’s so easy, even cavemen and southern women can do it! Just post a photo, on Wednesday, y’all, of something with water in it. Then link back to Watery Wednesday so other folks can enjoy your photo! That’s all ya gotta do, I swaunee.


2 thoughts on “Hurricane Bill Brought Us Some Surf

  1. Love the surfing photo … it looks different when I’m sitting upright. (LOL!!!)

    Looks like more waves are heading our way! Batten down the hatches Girl!

  2. Every time I see “Thanks to my friend Jan, over at Jan’s Sushi Bar” I feel guilty.

    Heck, yeah, it’s a lot harder than I thought it would be. This weekend ye shall all be inundated with more pictures of the grandson and his extraordinarily handsome and charming grandfather.

    I believe I shall be some sort o’ relieved when September gets here.

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