Random Thoughts about Dog Poop and Dementia

randomtuesdayKeely, over at Unmom, does this thing.

You post Random Thoughts on Tuesday. That’s it. Try it – it’s addicting. Then link back to Unmom and see what other people are randomly thinking.

~I have proclaimed today Official Domestic Goddess Day at my house. That means, I have the whole day off,  I’m home alone and I love it, y’all. I love the silence, I love padding around from room to room with a cup of coffee in hand, thinking about what I want to clean, organize, rearrange and redecorate.

I love writing all this down on a great big ole To Do Today list and then scratching things off. Today, so far, I have walked the dog, started a load of clothes and made a hair appointment. I feel so accomplished.

~I’m still trying to figure out this “how to get people to comment on your blog” thing. This really really puzzles me. I read on one of the authoritive-type “How To” blogs that in order to get people to visit and read your blog (and this, apparantly, is what has to happen before they actually leave a comment) you have to write something that is interesting, thought provoking and/or funny. In other words, quality stuff.

The other day I posted a rant story about how much I hate dog poop. It was funny, if not thought provoking, (at least I thought it was.) More importantly, it took me over an hour to write it. It got three comments.

Now to the three wonderful people who commented, (and y’all know who you are) I thank you. Profusely.

But on my other blog, Wilmington Daily Photo, I posted a picture of my shadow and I wrote two sentences. Two. Anyone wanna guess which post got the most comments? Well, I’ll tell ya. The Shadow post got fifteen! Obviously something is wrong here. Either the experts are all wrong, or I can’t write. Or maybe dog poop stinks isn’t as funny as I thought it was.

OK, I’m done whining now.

~Have y’all been listening to all the news about the alarming rise of dementia cases? This worries me, because I forget stuff all the time. Like what I was going to say. Then, when I pause for what might be long enough to write a short novel a nano second, my husband jumps in with his own version of what he thinks I was going to say, and it’s always something sexual stupid.

For instance, Me: “Sweetheart, I thought of something else we need to put on our shopping list…”

Long pause while I try to remember what I was just thinking of.

Jeff: hopefully, after waiting patiently “…..condoms?….lube?…..vibrator?”


I hope it’s just another sign that I’m getting older, like all the other things that keep pestering me. What other things, you might ask. Saggy knees, curly white hairs (so stupid considering all the brown ones dyed blond are straight) foot pain, tennis elbows although I don’t play tennis, hot flashes, crazy acne that has persisted way past puberty and really looks disconcerting on my wrinkly cheeks, and of course, hot flashes.

~Still, I’ll take all of those things if I can continue to enjoy the one thing getting older has given me: grandchildren. My God, it is wonderful to hold a baby again.

I have told y’all that I have another grandchild on the way, right? A boy! He’s due January 1st. I can’t wait.

~Yesterday was what we affectionately refer to as “Crappy Day.”Crappy Day is the day after our last 12 hour shift of night shift. My husband, Jeff, and I work together in a factory, the largest one of it’s kind in the world, that makes optical fiber. Optical fiber is that stuff that allows your computers to connect to the internet, just in case y’all didn’t know. And it’s made out of glass. Very hot glass, before it gets turned into fiber smaller than a human hair. I handle the hot glass. Jeff works on the equipment that measures the final product’s properties, before it is shipped out the door.

I know. Boring.

Anyways, we work 12 hour rotating shifts, or “swing shifts.” That means we work nights from 7 pm to 7 am, then we are off for three days and go back into work on day shift, which is 7 am to 7 pm. Then we are off for one day, and we go back on nights. Then we are off for three more days and then we go back in for four days and then we get a seven day break, except we have to work forced overtime for a day or two, and/or maybe a night during that week off.

Confused yet? Welcome to my world.

My doctor tells me that it is a proven fact that folks who work this kind of schedule are 90% more likely than someone who works a regular 9 to 5 job to develope stomach ulcers (right after she diagnised me with one). Apparantly the body does not respond well to the stress of constantly figuring out whether it is supposed to be awake or asleep. Go figure.

Maybe this accounts for my memory loss and my whiny attitude. Maybe shift work causes dementia. I know it causes whining. Just ask Jeff if you don’t believe me, y’all.

30 thoughts on “Random Thoughts about Dog Poop and Dementia

  1. I understand completely about the comments thing. Of course, I only have four followers but even they don’t comment. The only time I get comments is when I’m linked in to Random Tuesday Thoughts or another thing I participate in called Six Word Saturday (www.showmyface.com). That’s it. Anyway, I wanted to make sure I left a comment for you! Happy Fall!!!!

    • OMG I got a comment! I’m so excited, now I can go take care of my “To Do” list. Thanks for understanding, Toni. I’m going to have to check out the Six Word Saturday thing. And Happy Fall to you, too!

  2. I need a Domestic Goddess day. Of course, I just left the blog of “The Ramblings of a Trapped-at-home Mom” where I was whining that I wanted to be a trapped at home mom.

    Comment tip: Reply back to every comment … doubles your tally. LOL … well, that’s what I do. Most of the times. Sometimes. You know … when I want to. *sigh*

    And for the record, I even continue to leave comments despite the fact that your blog REFUSES to link me.

    You should come up for a visit. We could do the Skyline drive thing … go to an apple orchard to pick apples or something.

    • I don’t know why you’re not linked. Especially since you’re using wordpress. But thanks for your comments. If you didn’t comment, I think I’d just quit. Really.

      We want to visit. Or y’all could come back here. It’s almost October again. Time to bring Snowy for another trip to Topsail. Can you believe a whole year has passsed since then?

      My Domestic Goddess Day is slowing morphing into a Computer Goddess Day. Oh well.

  3. There is definitely something wrong with having adult acne AND crow’s feet. It’s just wrong!

    Your job actually sounds cool. It sounds like a confusing but cool schedule.

    Enjoy your Goddess day!

    • Thanks, Gina. I’m enjoying sitting in front of my computer, unfortunately. I don’t know how to explain this to my husband.

      “Sorry about the laundry not getting done. I got caught up replying to comments so that it would look like I actually got more comments” just sounds wrong, LOL!

    • Erin, thanks for commenting. I know about the family thing. I have given my blog address out to most of mine, and only one son regularly comments. (Thanks, Kyle!)

  4. Shift work will drive you crazy. Don’t do it too long, it is bad for the body and the mind. At least it sounds like you both have the same schedule. It sucks even worse when your loved ones are on a different schedule.

    Now, I’m going to go visit your photo blog to equalize the comments. 🙂

    • Shift work is horrible when you are on different schedules. We tried it once (out of necessity) for about 3 months and I was ready to shoot myself. Talk about ships passing in the night…..

  5. I make to to-do lists too; love the feeling of scratching things off. To my surprise I’ve read that you’re either a list-maker or not. Guess we’re all just different.

    • Tracy, I started doing it when I was about 13. I used to spend a lot of time at my Aunt’s home babysitting. I would spend the night and stay over the next day to help her clean house. She always had a long, yellow legal pad with a fresh list that she made every morning while she drank her coffee. I guess that stuck with me, because I’ve done it ever since, whenever I have a lot of things I want to accomplish.
      Funny, I’ve never seen my mom make a list. She says she just keeps it all in her head.

  6. Shift work is awful. I’ve done nights in the past and just can’t imagine doing it ever again. I’m sure that’s what’s causing you’re forgetfulness! It just caused me to be extremely grumpy.

    Congratulations on that grandbaby!

    • Hi Elle, thanks for visiting my blog! Shift work not only makes me forgetful and grumpy – it makes me grumpy about what I’ve forgotten and it makes me forget what I’m, grumpy about.
      In other words….total confusion.

    • Maureen, some days I don’t think I do. 😦
      I think the only thing that keeps us going is the seven day breaks. Just knowing that we are going to have a week off every month is the light at the end of the tunnel.

  7. I had to go read your post on dog poo. It sounded intriguing. It was entertaining. If you can tie that poo to his neck every time he visits, you’ll see him visit less often. Put it in a plastic bag and attach it to his collar. Or…I’m going to a garden writer’s convention this weekend and am getting a motion detector sprinkler. Every time it senses motion from a certain direction—it blast whatever with a hard stream of water. Gives a whole new meaning to scared s@#$ less.

    On the blog comment thingy–here is how it works—most of the time unless you are a pulitzer prize winning author/blog writer and I’m not—people don’t want to read a long article unless it’s about sex or wrong doing. So they will kinda read and skim and then wait till you post something short and sweet and then comment. They feel bad about not reading such a long post so they will comment on a short post so they feel better. I do it—you do it—do you read long post? I only read long post if it’s about dog poo. 😉 I write a lot of long post and do you remember any of them? I didn’t think so and it doesn’t bother me cause I write cause I love it. Helps me to document my gardens and life.

    Blog writing has to be because you love writing and it’s an out for you. Sounds like you need an out with that ulcer and awful schedule. Write cause it makes you feel good and keep posting pictures cause you are good at it.

    About the bra–I like my new unbelievebra cause it lifts and separates. The one you mentioned won’t separate enough :). I also like mine cause it fits up under the arm better. That under arm fat is my biggest problem area. I can wear t-shirts again. It also has a seamless cup.

    • Anna, you give new meaning to the word comment! Wow! Thanks! 😉
      We’ve tried different tactics to get rid of Sam. Loudly muttering about their lack of manners (hoping they would overhear us and be mortified) didn’t work. Shoveling the poop up and leaving it in a conspicuous pile right by their doorstep didn’t work. So one day, Jeff printed out a collage of various poop pictures and I collected the poop onto a pretty paper plate. I took the “collage” and folded it just under the edge of the poop, and carried it over like it was a plate of brownies and set it on their back patio. That seemed to stem the tide, somewhat, for a while.
      We’ll have to look into the water sprinkler idea.

      I’m glad you wrote what you did about writing just for the love of it. I was thinking to myself this morning, before I read this, that I was just about ready to quit blogging because it’s so frustrating. Then I thought, why give that control to other people? Reading your comment really gives me a lot to think about. I guess I need to decide why I’m blogging – and what I need from it. I really do enjoy writing and I think just posting short posts would seem foolish, to me. However, I like knowing that someone out there is reading. I guess there has to be a happy medium, and you seem to have found it. I really appreciate you input and I think your blog is one of the best I’ve ever seen.

      Thanks for the bra advise, too! 🙂 You have no idea how much I struggle with THAT issue, as well.

  8. Don’t have time to read all of this now, but more people are interested in finding interesting pictures of shadows, than random thoughts about dog poo. Plus after all of that about the dog poo, what more is there to say?

  9. And see how many comments you have now that you’ve replied back to each one left? Yay!

    And you write because it’s part of who you are. It’s in your blood … it comes from your grandma. Write … and enjoy the process … and don’t stress over the comments. Grandma didn’t get any comments and it didn’t stop her, did it?

    • Exactly. I was also thinking about her this morning. She never received the accolades that were due her, that’s for sure.

      And thanks for the replying tip. It seems to be working like a charm here! 😉

  10. When I was much younger, I worked the night shift. I think working the graveyard shift could actually be used as a legal defense in court, but I’m not suggesting you try it out.

    One of my facebook “friends” told me that whenever she posts something important, no one comments. Then someone else writes about how they just ate a peanut butter sandwich and everyone comments. Life is not fair.

    • Hi Jan! Great to “see” you again! I think you were my second commenter (is that a word?)

      I guess, as far as blog posts go, the shorter the better. And I know from working for a magazine and newspaper for a while – that there is a lot to be said for good editing. But, it makes me wonder if I should be posting two sentence blogs, like Facebook updates! Then at least folks would have time to read it!

  11. Came to view a photo – read a few post and left a comment to make you happy 🙂 I read a lot of blogs and I am guilty of not commenting too often. I usually read a few at once and comment on the one that seems most apt for me to do so 😀 Your blog is witty 😀 Your candid shot is great!

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