A Tour of Photo Forums, not Memes

spincyclesmallThis week’s Spin Cycle topic is “Memes.”

I’ve been participating in various photo memes forums, almost from the first weeks I discovered blogging. As my son Kyle said, it gives me a place to showcase the thousands of photos that I have.

(We’ve been informed by Spritetskeeper that these are not truly “memes.” Technically they are forums.)

One thing I’ve never really posted about it is the fact that my husband and I attempted to publish a small, community based magazine called Scene Magazine a few years ago. We were laid off at the time, it was my uncle’s business that he was trying to sell  so he could move to sunny Sarasota, Fla. and it seemed like a fun idea to take it over from him.

I’ve never had more fun in my life.

Scene Magazine gave me a creative outlet to write about something I love passionately – my hometown of Wilmington, North Carolina. It also introduced me to the fascinating world of photography. Our camera started going with us everywhere, as we were constantly on the lookout for a stunning shot that would become our next cover.

Reality set in eighteen months later, in the form of a bill from Cobra Ins. I realized then that if I wanted to keep some kind of health insurance I needed to get a real job.

This left me with a large collection of photos of the beautiful area that we live in, as well as an addiction to taking photos that did not go away. I was thrilled when I discovered  City Daily Photo, a website that encourages folks to publish a photo a day on their personal blog of their own cities all over the world. When I found out that Wilmington, NC was not yet on the list, I immediately started Wilmington Daily Photo.

I get a kick of knowing that my simple photos of Wilmington, NC are displayed on the City Daily Blog every day, alongside  exotic places like Drammen, Norway and Sophia, Bulgaria!

This photo is not only displayed on the my About Wilmington page, but is an actual cover shot that we used for one of our issues of Scene Magazine. It is a photo of the Wilmington waterfront, from the other side of the Cape Fear River.


I have since then become addicted to participating in all kinds of photo memes forums. Sometimes I post a photo on here (When Ginger snaps…) and sometimes on Wilmington Daily, depending on which blog I think the photo best fits.

This is a picture I posted for a meme called Macro Monday. This was posted on my Wilmington Daily Photo Blog.


I posted this picture, of myself in a gift shop at The Biltmore House in Asheville, on a  meme photo forum called Ruby Tuesday. It was my first entry for this meme. I really look forward to Ruby Tuesdays. I find myself looking for red items to photograph all week long!


This one was on a meme forum called Watery Wednesday. I called it Floating Downstream. We took this in Playa Del Carmen when we were on a cruise.


This is a photo of my step daughter, that I posted on the meme forum called I Heart Faces.


The majestic Battleship NORTH CAROLINA, posted on Wilmington Daily Photo, for a meme forum called Monochrome Weekly.

IMG_6359 - Copy

My little grand daughter, Freya, looking at my husband, her “Pop Pop.” Isn’t this just worth a thousand words? I chose this one for a meme forum called A Thousand Words Thursdays.


And last but not least, I can’t leave out Shadow Shot Sunday. This is a fun meme forum that has folks posting pictures of shadows, and the photos are always creative and interesting. This is one that I posted, of a couple overlooking the Intracoastal Waterway in Kure Beach, NC.


I hope y’all will go and visit some of these photo forums and think about participating if you don’t already. And if anyone has any suggestions of any others that I haven’t discovered, then hey, comment me already!

K? Thanks!

9 thoughts on “A Tour of Photo Forums, not Memes

    • Thanks, Jen! Some of these, I have to admit, my husband took. We both love to take pictures, and it’s nice to have that in common.
      Freya really loves her Pop Pop. And that is one of my all time favorite pictures.
      Oh and thanks for the public service announcement about memes and forums! 😉

  1. Now you make me want to start a photography blog! (Beloved would kill me; he thinks I spend too much time on the one I have.)

    Gorgeous shots, Ginger. You’re quickly becoming a yardstick (along with my friend Snooker in Berlin) that I judge my own photography by. What do you use for post processing?

    • Jan, Jeff complains ALL the time about how much time I spend on the computer. I have two blogs, well actually three, and yet, there’s never enough time to post everything I want to post, or comment to all the blogs I want to comment on. I can almost understand why Smart Mouth said “enough.” (But I don’t have to like it!)

      As far as becoming a yardstick…..WTF??!! I can’t be your yardstick – YOU are MY yardstick!!

      Post processing??

      *Ginger frantically logs onto Google*

  2. These are all so beautiful! I wish I were more than just a point and shoot girl. Most of my “good” pictures are completely by accident. Sigh.

    I’ll just keep visiting all your photo sites and live vicariously though you guys! Thanks for taking pictures and sharing them with the rest of us.

    • Jan, I rarely do anything to change my photos. I just started using Paint.net about a month ago, but I don’t really know what all the fancy buttons are for. I just use it to crop, change the contrast, or change things to sepia or B&W. I also use Windows Photo Gallery.

      Um, does this answer you question?

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