Seven Random Tips To Get People To Read Your Blog

randomtuesdayKeely, over at Unmom, does this thing.

You post Random Thoughts on Tuesday. That’s it. Try it – it’s addicting. Then link back to Unmom and see what other people are randomly thinking.


As all of three people everyone who reads my blog knows, I’ve had this thing lately about comments. In other words, I suck generally only get about three comments per post. Obviously I need to get more readers.

I’ve been doing (some) online research lately to learn how to improve my blog writing skills, in a lame attempt to make this (more) interesting. The theory is that better writing will get more people to read. Did y’all know that there are entire blogs devoted to this subject, “How to Drive More traffic To Your Blog”?

One I’m addicted to is Copyblogger. The advice over there is (very) fascinating and (a little) entertaining.

1. Get rid of vampire words.

I know. I was thinking “What the hell?” too. Vampire words are words that drain the blood out of your rubbish fine writing. These are all those unnecessary, overused, boring words that water down your text and make your readers’ eyes glaze over. Words like little, only, sort of, very, more  and some. You have to be bold and concise. Don’t beat around the bush. Things are either fascinating and entertaining, or they’re not.

2. Write the title first.

Evidently, (only) 20% of folks who read your title actually read your post. You have to give people a good reason to read your drivel fine writing. The title is what you use to reel them in. I thought this was an interesting concept. I know I’m guilty of skimming the titles, aren’t you?

The theory here is you make your promise first, then you are forced to deliver. This is like delivering the punch line first, if you ask me. I usually write my piece and then figure out what would work as a title. Now I see that my titles must suck be pretty lame utterly useless.

3. Devote the first ten minutes of every day to your writing.

This means don’t check your email, don’t check your son’s plethora of friends’ Facebook statuses, and don’t harvest your crops on Farmville! Ten minutes of non-stop writing is supposed to make your creative juices start flowing.

OK, there’s (only) one problem. It took me fifteen minutes to think up my snazzy title. Just sayin’.

4. Don’t be “that guy.”

You know, the one at the party that you think you want to talk to until he starts telling you all about how he crushed his hand at work inside of a huge piece of equipment and now he has no feeling in his ring finger and he has to go see a cute little physical therapist every Thursday but his wife has to drive him because he lost his license in the DUI he got from speeding to pick up his bosses dry cleaning and…..yawn.

You get the idea. People like short sentences.

5. Edit.

After you write your piece take a (little) break. Presumably, this would be a good time to harvest your crops on Farmville, or whatever you do. Then come back refreshed and edit. Edit means you now cut out everything you wrote that you really like. Seriously. In other words, everything that makes you sound like “that guy.”

6. Ask, “Would my mother read this?”

This is an important question. Chances are, if your mother wouldn’t take time to read it, no one else will either. Or, if you are like me, your mother will never read it because she thinks, “I don’t have time to sit in front of a dumb computer and read a bunch of silly emails from foolish perverts that are just trying to give me a free sample of Viagra.”

Love you, mom.

7. Don’t wrap up your ending.

Meaning, if you’ve already said everything there is to say on the subject, your readers will not feel compelled to leave a comment. This is another bad habit of mine.

Better blogging demands that you leave some room for discussion. Invite your readers to finish saying what you haven’t.

So, let me ask y’all: What inspires you to blog? What tips do you have for dummies newbies like me to help me build a bigger readership? How do you get ideas for your posts? Do you believe in editing? Do you write you titles first?

Was any of this drivel inspiring advice useful to you?

Now leave me a comment, dammit (pretty) please!


22 thoughts on “Seven Random Tips To Get People To Read Your Blog

  1. I’ve got something for you … don’t think I can leave it as a comment. I’ll go add it to my Random Tuesday post, ok? G’head … go get it.

    Now you will head over to MY blog to read my Random Tuesday post … to get your surprise. See how easy that was? :-p

    And I want you to figure out why I don’t link in my comments, dammit.

    • It irritates me that your link doesn’t show up too. Can you comment on other Wqrdpress blogs?

      As far as me heading over to YOUR blog….I’m sure I was there today before you were! :p

    • “It Takes Work” was going to be my 8th tip, but then, “Keep It Short” was another tip, so I figured seven was more than enough!

  2. Hmmm, good advice. I’ve been reading that blog too. I can’t do titles till I’m done with the post; I’m never sure what will stick out when I’m done.
    Also, sometimes I think a post is so-so and it gets a lot of comments; other times I think it’s pretty darned good and it gets hardly any. I’m convinced I know nothing….
    But pls keep passing along whatever you pick up on the way!

    • Maureen, I have a hard time doing the title first too. No matter what I write, I always change it after I’m done with the post!

  3. I say you have a wee bit of funny bone in you and should be getting more comments… I think some of that advice is ok but there are definitely exceptions to the rule. I think it is fun to stylistically change my writing style from post to post and have a wide variety of stuff on my blog. But the writing part is at night for me. I can log 2 hrs easily in the evening if I am on a role. Also enough can not be said about editing as you mentioned. Happy RTT!

    • Hi Julia, I think I’m funny too, so it’s nice to know I’m not the only one! I have to write when I have the time, and it’s not always easy to find it, working 12 hour shifts.

      I’m going to go over and check out your changing writing styles right now….

  4. Hmmm. Well, brief and to the point has never been one of my strong suits. Ahem.

    What do I do to get comments. Well, first I spend an obscene amount a lot of time commenting on other blogs. I participate in the occasional “carnival” on “popular” blogs. I just did a giveaway. I participate in things like Random Tuesday Thoughts and the Spin Cycle. I blog on a VERY regular basis. It’s been a year and a half and I average around 18 comments a post – I know a lot of people who have been blogging for a lot less time and a lot less frequently than I do who get a lot more comments. Like Maureen, I’ll post something I think is wonderful and will get few comments; posts I threw up in a hurry and feel are dreck often bring them in droves. So I’m not sure you can put stock in anything I say. LOL

    Yes, I edit. I go away and do something else and come back and read it over before I hit the “publish” button. I always give it a title before I write, but I often go back and change it later, depending on how the post turns out; I do attempt to make them humorous or catchy. One thing I did learn is when I post a recipe, to just give the name of the dish as the title – I get a LOT of traffic, if not comments, because of my recipes and it’s easier for the search engines to index them if I keep the title of the post simple.

    Yeah, I know, not much help. LOL

    • Jan, I honestly think that being long-winded is intrinsically Southern, so you and I are genetically pre-disposed to writing bad blogs, I reckon! 😉

      I cannot spend an obscene amount of time commenting. I cannot. Between working rotating 12 hour shifts, and having a husband, a dog and cat and house to take care of….I’m already out of time before I even sit down at the computer. My husband would divorce me!! And I never have time to cook. How DO you do it??

      Did you find that the give away helped much? Not that I have anything to give away, LOL.

  5. I have yet to figure out how people get all the comments, other than they comment on other blogs. I find that the number of comments I get is directly proportional to the comments I leave.

    I have two blogs….one I have had over two years. It is the one this links too. It has more writing than my other one, Time Stand Still, which I just recently started.

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  7. This was a very interesting and informative post! Like most bloggers, I love comments, too. And I’ve found that the way to get people to visit and read ME is to visit and read THEM.

    I love the suggestion of writing the first 10 minutes of the day. I write my best stuff in the middle of the night or when I first wake up. Of course, I have to remember it and that doesn’t always work!

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