You Capture Still Life


I found a new photo blog to participate in on Thursdays! It’s called You Capture. Every week there is new theme. This week’s was “Still Life.”

Click on the link here to read about how to play along. Then, do your best to visit the other participants’ site – everyone loves the traffic, the comments and the feedback (not just you!) Next week’s photo challenge is Technology. I’m not sure how I’m going to tackle that one!

These are some of the photos I captured on a recent lazy afternoon we spent in downtown Wilmington, NC.  Wilmington is a beautiful city, rich in history and natural scenery. As a Wilmington native, I am always jumping at the chance to show off my hometown.


The downtown area offers a wide variety of restaurants, bars and shops that are unique, interesting and full of character. Outdoor dining is a pleasant way to spend a few hours. You might even spot a Hollywood star while you’re lingering over your dessert!


To see more photos of the historic Wilmington, NC  area, visit my photo blog, Wilmington Daily Photo.

6 thoughts on “You Capture Still Life

  1. You have a marvelous eye for composition; I love the salt and pepper shakers with the sugar packets.

    I’m going to head over to You Capture and subscribe to their RSS feed. Maybe I’ll start participating – any excuse to get out with the camera!

  2. I’ve been to Wilmington. I loved it. I lived in Jacksonville for a while. This would make a great guest post on The Locals Love It. Let me know if you’d be interested!!

  3. wilmington? i thought it was st. augustine, florida – lol! great pictures – i really like the first one with the salt and pepper shakers – neat little cafe! thanks for sharing this week 🙂

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