Yellow Therapy For A Dreary Monday

MYMMellow Yellow Monday is a photo forum. You post something yellow on Monday. “Because life is better with a splash of yellow.”

Be sure and visit the other participants to see how creative everone is with their yellow shots. You’ll be amazed, y’all!

Well, if not amazed, then mellowed out. How’s that for a Monday?

I feel a little blah today. The weather is dreary and chilly. I was hoping for one of those wonderful Indian Summer days, that North Carolina is famous for in November, since it’s my only day off his week. Maybe a little dash of yellow will brighten my day.


This black and yellow spider is a female Argiope aurantia , commonly known as the Black and Yellow Garden Spider, Writing Spider, Banana Spider or Corn Spider. She was living in our lantana this summer. These spiders are carnivorous (they eat flies and grasshoppers) and harmless to humans.


We have a field near our house that we walk to with our rottweiler dog and our calico cat. (Yes, they both have to go on the walks.) This is a just a weed that grows wild over there. I have no idea what it is – maybe some of y’all can identify it?


Finally, my husband bought me this bouquet of fall flowers for no reason. Well, I guess maybe there was a reason. Because he loves me. There. I feel better already.

When you have the blahs, what do you do to make yourself feel better? Does yellow help, do you think? Or do you have a comfort food that you eat, or a favorite sweater that you wear? Do you crawl back into bed or get dolled up and go somewhere? Let me know what works for you!


6 thoughts on “Yellow Therapy For A Dreary Monday

  1. We had those garden spiders in our backyard in Texas. I miss them a great deal – as you pointed out, they are uber-cool, eat insects and are harmless to people.

    They also scared the dickens out of Oldest Son’s awful girlfriend. They just had SO many benefits.

  2. Jan, you are too funny. I don’t think I said uber-cool, but I wish I had! Actually, I ‘ve never even typed it before. But because it’s such an uber-cool word, I’m going to make a point to use it!

  3. I’m a crawl under the covers type of person … it’s just that I never can do that. I wish I could. I crave a couple of days to just hibernate … but then I wonder if maybe the getting up and keep on going … is what keeps us going.

    Comfort food … let me tell you … we ate at ESPN Zone last night and Kirk ordered some mashed potatoes (which to me, is the ultimate comfort food even in their most basic state) and they came topped with chopped bacon (not that imitation crap) … cheddar cheese, chives, and onion straws. The kicker was to take them home and have them the next day for lunch like I just did … WOW! Yummy! I need to learn to make those. If I could have some Bang Bang Shrimp with those mashed potatoes … Mmmmm … Heaven!

    • My comfort food today has been toasted bagels and Reece cups (not together!) The potatoes sound heavenly! We’re going over to Kyle and Erika’s in a few. Kyle is cooking Chicken Alfredo for us.

      I’m with you on the crawling back under the covers. I wish I could get away with just staying in my bed for about a week! (And not being sick.)

  4. How sweet of your husband to buy those beautiful flowers for you. I’m not really sure what I do when I have the blah’s…I know what I would like to do and that’s hide under the covers and sleep but since I don’t ever get to do that, I would have to say a good cup of coffee and or talking with a good friend.

    I do understand about getting the blahs from dreary chilly weather. Today is one of the first days we’ve seen the sun for awhile…but suppose to rain again tomorrow…ugh. I heard on the radio on my way to work this morning that we had more days of getting snow then day’s with sun in October. Now that’s just wrong!

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