Sunday At The Beach

I chose these photos for Sunday in My City, a photo forum that has folks posting pictures on Sunday of their cities. I thought Wilmington NC should be included.

To participate, visit Unknown Mami and link up! Let’s visit and travel the world together.

This week I have pictures of Wrightsville Beach, NC to share. Wrightsville Beach is a four miles long  island, located east of Wilmington, NC. It is my favorite place in the world.

When I was a child, my family spent every summer visiting this beach. For me, it is the epitome of lazy, carefree days. I hope these pictures will give you an idea of why I love it so much, even in the fall.


Many of these beach houses have stood the test of time, hurricanes and greedy real estate developers.


It was an overcast day when these photos were taken.


The beach was empty, except for a few surfers, dog walkers and Yankee vacationers, who think it is warm enough to go swimming this time of year.


Every home on the beach has a porch for enjoying the views.


The sun was trying to peek through the clouds.


I hope y’all enjoyed this virtual tour of a North Carolina beach town in November.


9 thoughts on “Sunday At The Beach

  1. Beach homes have the best look to them. I would love to have a view like that! I’ve never been to North Carolina but now I wish I had. It’s so beautiful there. Have a wonderful sunday!

  2. It does look laid back and lazy. Just my kind of town. We have often vacationed at the outer banks, which of course, is anything but laid back and lazy. Thanks for the tour.

  3. Ever since I visited the beach there, it has been my dream to live in a beach house on the ocean in North Carolina. Thanks for sharing pictures of this beautiful place!

  4. I love the cloudy sky over the beach in the fifth picture. And these make me wish I had such a lovely place to spend November! It gets, well, cold here in Ohio and you know us Southern gals don’t do real well in the cold.

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