You Capture Sunsets

I found a new photo blog to participate in on Thursdays! It’s called You Capture. Every week there is new theme. This week’s was “Sunrise/Sunset.”

Click on the link here to read about how to play along. Then, do your best to visit the other participants’ site – everyone loves the traffic, the comments and the feedback (not just you!) Next week’s photo challenge is FOOD! Won’t that be fun to capture!

This is the view from the 18th hole at Lockwood Folly Country Club. Built upon a former hunting preserve, the golf course and community borders the Lockwood Folly River, the Intra-Coastal Waterway and is close enough to the Atlantic Ocean that you can hear the waves breaking in the distance.

We went there to play this past Tuesday. It was a gorgeous fall day and I took lots of photos. We were finishing up right about dark.

While I’m sure this would be a beautiful view anytime of the day, I think it was spectacular at sunset.


11 thoughts on “You Capture Sunsets

    • Thanks Lola. I enjoyed visiting your blog and seeing the verse to Sunrise/Sunset put to pictures! Happy Birthday to your kiddies!

  1. Oh, my! That IS lovely, and is just the kind of place Beloved and I talk about retiring. You know, that time of life when we might actually find time to golf (I don’t think either of us laid a hand on our clubs all summer, which is a shame).

    • I know. I’m starting to wonder if I’ll ever even get to retire. My perfect day would be to start the morning off with a cup of coffee while strolling on the beach, an afternoon round of golf, and a nice Sauvignon Blanc to share over a candlelight dinner.

  2. Beautiful! I love sunrises but I am not a morning person so though I may be “up” I’m actually not. I love sunsets too….but it’s getting dark far too early these days.

  3. Really great pictures. Those are both going into my desktop wallpapers folder.

    So I’m commenting from the hospital room. I brought my laptop and they have wireless Internet access in here. Gotta love technology.

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