My Grand Dogs


Hey Y’all. These two little guys are my grand dogs, Bubba Joe and Chewy Pooey. They are half brothers. Their mom was a Cock-a-poo.  Bubba’s dad was a Shih Tzu and Chewy’s dad was a Bichon Frise. They are two of the most overactive, and overloaded with personality, little dogs y’all ever saw.

These two are the only children that my oldest son and my daughter-in-law have. Yet. Sometime in the near future, they are going to be bringing home a baby boy! After years of trying and wishing and dreaming, there is finally going to be a real baby in their home.

I hope Chewy and Bubba are ready for this. A friend who fosters rescue dogs told us to bring a cloth or blanket that the baby has been wrapped in to the dogs and let them smell it and lick it before the baby comes home from the hospital. This is supposed to help them become familiar with the baby’s odor before he arrives, and make it less stressful for the dogs.


I know these two are going to be wonderful parents to my grandson and I can’t wait to see his little face.

3 thoughts on “My Grand Dogs

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