Sunday At The Battleship Park

I chose these photos for Sunday in My City, a photo forum that has folks posting pictures on Sunday of their cities. I thought Wilmington NC should be included.

To participate, visit Unknown Mami and link up! Let’s visit and travel the world together.

Wilmington is a beautiful city, rich in history and natural scenery. As a Wilmington native, I am so proud to show off my hometown. I love it so much that I have another blog called Wilmington Daily Photo. It keeps me busy posting a new photo of the Wilmington area every day. I hope y’all will check it out and see for yourselves why I think this place is so spectacular.


If the pictures make you feel a little like, Deja vu, it might be because you’ve already visited here, without realizing it. You’ve probably already seen one or more things that have been filmed in Wilmington. Known as “Wilmywood,” it is one of the largest motion picture and television production studios in the United States, outside of Hollywood, CA.

Some of the stuff that has been filmed here: One Tree Hill, Dawson’s Creek, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Part I and Part II), Domestic Disturbance, Nights in Rodanthe, Sleeping With The Enemy, Lolita, Cape Fear, Firestarter, Blue Velvet and Surface.

This photo was taken from the Battleship Park, where scenes on the basketball court on One Tree Hill are shot.

One Tree Hill is an American  television drama about teens and young adults, which premiered on September 23, 2003 on The WB Television Network. The show is set in fictional town of Tree Hill in North Carolina and originally follows the lives of two half-brothers.

The show’s interiors are filmed at the EUE/Screen Gems studios in Wilmington, North Carolina and exteriors are filmed in and around Wilmington.

Fans have written messages all over the bleachers at the small Battleship Park.

The Battleship NORTH CAROLINA Memorial is a preserved World War II vessel serving as her state’s World War II memorial and a museum interpreting the history of all ships named NORTH CAROLINA.

“Standing with quiet dignity and majesty across the river from downtown Wilmington, NC, the Battleship NORTH CAROLINA beckons visitors to walk her decks and envision daily life as well as fierce combat that her crew faced in the Pacific Theater during World War II.” (Taken form the Battleship NORTH CAROLINA’s website. Please visit the website for more fascinating information on the history and heritage of this Memorial.)

7 thoughts on “Sunday At The Battleship Park

  1. I’m stopping over from Unknown Mami’s.

    Wilmington is fabulous! I had no idea you have such a huge film/tv studio AND an awesome battleship!

    Thanks for sharing your Sunday.

    hope your Thursday/Thanksgiving is great.


  2. Hi Joanna! I’m always happy when someone new visits. I try to return the favor by visiting their blog, and I was glad I took a look at yours. I loved you title, right off the bat! I’m adding you to my blogroll, so I can visit again when I have more time. I’m really interested in reading the interveiw you have on there about how to get more blog comments.

    • Hi Sonya, thanks for stopping by. I’m adding you to my blogroll so I can steal some of your recipes! Your Sunday In My City pictures are wonderful, but the FOOD…..Oh my, your recipes look wonderful!

    • Hi Bekah, thanks for stopping by. I like your idea about posting gratitudes that you have on your blog. I might have to try doing that – it sounds like a sure-fire pick me up!

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