Dreaming of a White Christmas

At Christmas, all the folks down here on the coast in North Carolina start talkin’ about snow, y’all. All over town, everywhere you go, if you stop long enough to talk to folks, you’ll hear comments like:

“It sure don’t seem like Christmas this year. I sure wish it would snow.”

“I love Christmastime, but I wish we could get a little snow.”

“Now all we need is a little snow for Santa and his reindeer.”

It seems we all get a hankerin’ for it the week before Christmas. I don’t know why. I think it has actually snowed here on Christmas all of about twice in the last hundred years. We had one, real, bonifide White Christmas in 1989. That year, the whole region was buried under 15 inches!

But seeing as how we only get snow about every 8 or 10 years in these parts, it’s a big deal around here. Last year, on January 20, we actually got 2 whole inches! Of course, all the schools closed, as did most of our businesses and all over town people were posting videos on Youtube and scraping snow off the car hoods to make bowls of snow cream.

The neighborhood kids were outside trying to mound up enough snow to make a snowman. Heck, about all the snow we ever get is enough to make a snowman’s head.

Now I’m old enough to realize that the probability of having snow tomorrow is slim to none, but I have to confess, y’all. The first thing I’ll do Christmas morning is peek out the blinds at the ground. ‘Cause you just never know!

Mary the Teach has another photo blog, besides Ruby Tuesday. It is called Sepia Scenes. Every Wednesday, she posts a picture in sepia, and invites everyone else to do the same. She also has a tutorial on her blog on how to produce good photos in sepia. I you are into photography, like I am, go on over and check it out.


9 thoughts on “Dreaming of a White Christmas

  1. We have plenty of it on the ground in Connecticut – we did last year, too. But it is not often we see snow on Christmas, and it is nice to have. But the wonderful Christmas family time is what this time work for me, so irregardless of the weather, we feel so good at this time. Merry Christmas!

  2. Sweet pic of the girls…and the Sepia one and the palm tree mat…too cute!
    Yea, well..I thin our “smattering” out in the country earlier in the week was our snow for this year! Last year we broke records with 21 inches..happens about every 30 years!
    Keep a hopin’ and Prayin’ maybe you’ll get some for Christmas~!

  3. Doesn’t it always seem that we want what we don’t have? 🙂 We are getting dumped on with snow right now and will get a lot over the next few days. Our travel plans have been pretty much been canceled now. Instead we will be snowed in and building snowmen and throwing snowballs and watching movies and stuff like that. I hope you get your white Christmas! If not, I am really good at sharing! 🙂

  4. Your picture is terrific, Ginger. The incongruous conbination of snow and palm trees had this California girl laughing. We’ve had a few odd weather displays like this too in the last 25 years but never TWO WHOLE INCHES!! Don’t I wish. Snow sprinkled and then was gone in an hour. BUT – it SNOWED!

  5. I remember the snow of 1989. Our family had just moved here from Florida and I kept asking everyone if it would snow. Of course, I received the same answer, “it never snows here”. My daughters had never seen snow and I was hoping for a few flakes sometime during the winter months. Well, what a snowfall we received! It was beautiful!

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