Six Words About My Adorable Grandson

There’s a new forum I’m posting in called Six Words Saturday. You post something about yourself or your life, or whatever is on your mind using only six words. Not only is this an interesting little concept, but it works out well for me, because I only have time to type about six words.

*Edited to cross out vampire words.

Woo-Hoo! I’m Babysitting Him Again Tonight!

The last time I participated in this forum, we had just had a baby shower. Well, here is the result we were waiting for! May I introduce my grandson, “Kole!”?

Now go post something in only six words! You know you want to, and you know you can find time!

15 thoughts on “Six Words About My Adorable Grandson

    • Hi Lindy, Thanks for stopping by! I have a grand daughter who is too far away to enjoy, so this little one is a blessing. And I know how you feel. i will give him a few kisses from you!

    • Maureen, I spent so much time staring at him last night, that I almost didn’t even take any pictures! I hated to put him down long enough to get the camera.

  1. The idea that I could express anything in 6 words is so ludicrous it’s, well, ludicrous.

    That photo is simply adorable. “Oh, hi there, Grandma. You go right ahead and snap that picture – I’m gonna finish my nap.”

    • Jan, I’m sure you could express a lot in six words! Try it! You know Shakespeare said, “Brevity is the soul of wit.” And we all know how witty you are. 😉

  2. Ginger..found your six words as I was trying to find inspiration to write in my grandsons first year scrapbook I just completed. He is now 4. Where does the time go? Have to say first I smiled at his picture then I smiled at your is always a woo hoo time when I get to be with my grandchildren.

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