Macro Monday Goes to the Golf Course

My husband gets a little “irked” with me, as we say down here in the South, every time we are getting ready to go play a round of golf.

First, I have to have  shoes to match my outfit. And a visor, naturally. I have to have nine thousand (or so) balls, because I have this uncanny ability to find the exact center of any body of water within shooting distance with my ball. I have to have my lipgloss in my pocket (because I’m Southern a girls gotta look good to play this game, y’all) and a magazine to read in the car on the way. I find it does absolutely nothing helps my game alot if I bone up on swing tips from Phil Nickelson in the Golf Digest before a round. A cooler with a few beers in it is another “must”, if only to ward off a deep depression and quit golf altogether to celebrate another successful round after the eighteenth hole.

And finally, I always insist on taking my camera. You never know what you might see out there! Why, a dern ole dragonfly might just decide to land on the end of your driver….

He was obviously posing  for Macro Monday.

For Macro Monday, you take a close up picture that you think is blog-worthy, post it, and link back to Macro Monday so everyone can visit everyone! (That’s southeren-eese for leave each other comments, if you know what’s good for ya.)

7 thoughts on “Macro Monday Goes to the Golf Course

  1. LMAO – I bet my golf game is worse than yours. I don’t think we even got to the driving range last year, much less play an actual round (we were just that busy).

    Mr. Dragonfly was quite accommodating! Lovely shot.

  2. Hey, that dragonfly was art waiting to happen >wink<. My parents tried to get me interested in golf, but I always managed to hit the ball wherever a swarm of mosquitoes was laying in wait.

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