A List of Ten Random Tuesday Things I Feel Guilty About

Keely, over at Unmom, does this thing.

You post Random Thoughts on Tuesday. That’s it. Try it – it’s addicting. Then link back to Unmom and see what other people are randomly thinking and typing about.

Every Tuesday, I think to myself, “This week I’m going to finally get around to participating (not really, I really don’t think the word “participating”)

OK. Start over. Every Tuesday I daydream about writing something really epically random for the Random Tuesday blog. And every Tuesday, I try to figure out what in the heck I’m going to write about. Does anyone else have this problem? Or do all of y’all just walk around thinking random stuff all day, willy nilly?

Alright, so there’s my confession. I am guilty of being random-thinking challenged.

But today will be different. I will blog about some random stuff if it kills me. I’ve been reading advice on how to make your blog more interesting over at Copyblogger, and one of the big things they recommend is making a list. Apparently, people like to have stuff served to them in little bite-like bullets. So I will attempt to give you ten other random things that I feel guilty about.

What? I’m southern. Feeling guilty is what I do.

1. Even though it is a huge waste of time – I like to do crypto-quotes and play Farmville. Anybody else?

2. I really like going into stores that have sample bottles of hand lotion, that let me pump out a bit on my hands. And yes, I realize that sounds kind of nasty. This is what happens when I try to do random.

3. I’m related to Elvis. Yes, “The” Elvis. He was my father’s cousin’s step brother. Or, he was my step second cousin. Or, he was my Great Uncle’s wife’s stepson. OK, got that?

4. I really want to go somewhere warm this week. Like Tahiti, or Cancun, or Silver Springs.

5. I love reading Sophie Kinsella books. It’s a pleasure as sinful and guilty as eating the whole top layer of a box of Whitman’s Chocolates all by yourself.

6. My first impressions about people are sometimes wrong. Very wrong. I would tell you all about this, but I can’t quite bring myself to blog about really personal topics. I don’t want to be that crazy old woman at the family dinners wearing the tee shirt that states, “Be Careful Or You’ll End Up In My Blog.”

7. I’m obsessive  about checking my WordPress stats. Several times a day, OK? It’s a little game I have with myself – to see if there is ever a day that goes by that I don’t get a hit from someone searching for “sexy mature feet,” or “red toes,” or “foot fetish.” I may go down in history as being The Woman With The Sexy Mature Feet, y’all.

8. My husband is having a mid-life crisis. He admits it. He wants to buy a new car – a red Corvette. I suppose that’s better than wanting a new wife. Maybe if I spent less time playing Farmville and checking my toe stats…?

9. I broke up with my hairdresser. He spent too much time wandering around the shop talking about his gay boyfriend, while I languished under the frosting cap, looking like a gargoyle looking my watch. And I haven’t even told him that he’s been replaced. He’s still asking my mother where I am, and she won’t tell him either.

10. Those are my feet in the photo. Yes, I am shamelessly trying to boost my blog stats. I might even start a whole blog about my feet. Just to get the stats.

What about y’all. What do you feel guilty about today?


11 thoughts on “A List of Ten Random Tuesday Things I Feel Guilty About

  1. I’m guilty that I’m watching it snow.

    And snow.

    And snow.

    And snow some more.

    And I’m not working while I’m watching it snow.

    Shhhhh. It’s our secret.

  2. Followed your link over here from Keely’s. Haha! I think you are funny. And you’re southern… which I was born and raised ( and by birthright still am) but am being forced to live in the northeast. So… I can live vicariously through you. I, too, like your blog header foot photo, but not because I am some kind of freak, because you are wearing flip flops and I am jealous of that. It’s gonna freakin’ snow here tonight. Again. I’m done. Carry on.

  3. I’m an Italian mother. I don’t feel guilt. I’m saving it all up for my children.

    The lotion thing isn’t nasty. If it was, it wouldn’t be there, right? Someone else must do it, or they wouldn’t put them out.

    Nice feet. It looks warm where those feet are. I’m jealous of those feet.

    • Ha ha, Mama Badger, what makes the lotion thing so nasty, is that I can’t just stop at ONE sample. No, I have to try ALL of them! Then I walk around the rest of the time I’m in the store rubbing my hands together.

  4. Oh yeah.. and I just noticed you are one of the few people that spells “y’all” correctly. Or at least punctuates it correctly. “Ya’ll” gets on my last nerve and yet everyone does it. Do they not understand the law of contractions? It is YOU ALL not YA ALL. Ok.. I’m really done now… and trying to figure out how to follow your blog since you aren’t on blogger and I am technologically challenged.

    • Jennifer, what I do is copy the blog’s address out of the bar at the top and add the blog to my links. Then I just have to try and find time to visit everybody!

      I guess that makes me even more clueless, huh?

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