Finding Love the Second Time Around

This week’s Spin Cycle topic is Love and Valentine’s Day.

This is a picture of my husband, Jeff, and I on our wedding day. It was a second wedding for each of us, and we are now coming up on our ten year anniversary. Jeff likes to say that, between the two of us, we had forty four years of marriage experience, and that we both at least knew what we didn’t like.

He’s real romantic like that, y’all.

I’ve shared a lot of my grandmother’s poems on here, but I don’t think I’ve ever shared on of my own – until today. I thought this would be an appropriate way to wish my Babe a Happy Valentine’s Day.

And if you’re lonely, and single, and wondering if you’ll ever find the right person for you, I hope my poem will give you some hope today.

My Prize

He’s the Promise my heart’s been expecting

Half my lifetime to happen to me.

He’s my fantasy, more than I’d longed for,

Or dreamed could possibly be.

My greatest hopes and deepest needs

Are met when I look in his eyes.

He is my wonder, he is my fortune, he is my prize.

His touch is like silk in the morning.

His smile fills my thoughts through the night.

For so long I have dreamed that I’d hold him

And our toubles would melt out of sight.

His face with its changing expressions

Brought the sunshine to light my dark skies.

I’ve found my friend! I’ve found my lover! Iv’e found my prize!

I had searched high and low for his presence

From a lonely and cold distant land.

I have bloomed in the shade like a flower

From the kind, gentle care of his hand.

He must know how much he has changed me

Oh, if I could help him to just realize

That he is my Prince. He is my Hero. He is my Prize.

I’m not sure he believes that I love him.

He’s been hurt and it rips me apart.

I know deep inside how he needs me,

To mend all the dents in his heart.

So I’ll hold on and wait; he will let me

My faith is this man will survive

He is my Darling. He is my Angel. He is my Prize.

And I thank God above that I’ve found him.

It was worth all the years on my own.

No more waiting in pain and frustration,

No more living without, and alone.

For I am so thrilled with my treasure

His love is the greatest surprise,

It’s always with me. It is my comfort. It is my prize.


8 thoughts on “Finding Love the Second Time Around

  1. We are second time arounders as well…. erm, well, Hubby is actually a third time arounder but then who’s counting?

    Sweet wedding dress by the way! What a wonderful photo.

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  2. How on earth did I miss this!? The picture and the poem are beautiful and I hope they’re framed together! Sorry for the slip up and if I had a dozen roses, I would send them your way, you’re linked!

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