Sunday in my Neighborhood

We had a rare event here in Wilmington, North Carolina, this weekend. A snow storm hit our area on Friday night, dumping between three and six inches of snow. Since we are lucky to get a dusting of snow every two or three years, three inches is a virtual blizzard to us southern folks.

The Yankees down here think we’re all insane “cute”. Everything closes down, and life comes to a standstill. Our city might have one snowplow, I’m not really sure. No one knows how to drive in the snow anyways; we are all too busy gaping at the sight of snow to be bothered with learning how, y’all.

Even though I had worked a twelve hour night shift and my feet were killing me, I just had to get out in this and take over two hundred a few snapshots. After all, it might be several years before I see any snow again, and I honestly forget how awe inspiring this stuff can be!

Wilmington is a beautiful city, rich in history and natural scenery. As a Wilmington native, I am so proud to show off my hometown. I love it so much that I have another blog called Wilmington Daily Photo. It keeps me busy posting a new photo of the Wilmington area every day. I hope y’all will check it out and see for yourselves why I think this place is so spectacular.

I chose these photos for Sunday in My City, a photo forum that has folks posting pictures on Sunday of their cities. I thought Wilmington NC should be included.

To participate, visit Unknown Mami and link up! Let’s visit and travel the world together.


15 thoughts on “Sunday in my Neighborhood

  1. Does Hannah like the snow? Our male rottie loves to romp in it, but our Missy’s legs are too lame to run much. She does like the cold weather that comes with the snow though.

    Love the pic of Hannah.

    The Blue Ridge Gal

    • Yes! Even though Hannah has hip dysplasia, and I wasn’t sure how she would manage – she LOVED it! She ran around like crazy and I captured several good shots of her that I will probably post tomorrow.

  2. i love the second and third ones from the bottom, stream, and ducks. so pretty.
    i was in wilmington briefly once, and hope to get to nc sometime again…love it there

  3. It honestly is so enchanting if you never get it! It is just gorgeous! Now on the other hand, if you are trying to dig out from 30 plus inches STILL well, it loses some of its magic : ) I love your pictures though. So fresh and soft : ) A sugar coating for the world : )

  4. That is a lot of snow. Snow to the left of you, snow to the right of you. Pretty soon we will give you back some warm weather and you can all come out of hibernation!! Greeting from Australia!!!

  5. Snow really is gorgeous, no matter how often (or NOT) it falls. Well you all can laugh at us in the north when we complain about the heat, right? A couple years ago, schools had to be cancelled in June due to heat (we don’t have air conditioning in schools since they generally don’t need it). My son’s Texas girlfriend was here, and she thought that was insane.

  6. Your photos are gorgeous! It looks like you got more snow than we did. I was visiting Charleston this weekend, so I didn’t get to see how much was in Myrtle Beach. My daughter took a few pictures of our dog playing in the snow. She went a little bananas.

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