Complete and Utter Doggy Bliss

Have y’all ever wondered what complete and utter joy looks like? You have? Well this is your lucky day!

I give you Hannah, in the throws of absolute doggy bliss….

She had never seen snow before, and she wasn’t too sure she wanted to, at first.

It wasn’t long before she decided it was pretty cool and great fun to run in!

She ran around with the enthusiasm of a young puppy, and that’s saying a lot for this six year old rottweiler, who has bad hips.

She helped Dad measure the snow. Three and a half inches!


Can’t you just feel her excitement? She was literally kicking up her heels!

She was playing Peek-a-boo through the leaves…

…and then, “Just try and catch me!”

She tried a sneak attack on Dad…

…then ran around me like a banshee. This madness is commonly known as “the zoomies.” Rottweiler puppies are famous for doing this. Six year old females with arthritis…not so much.

I hope you got a smile or two from these pictures. Is there anything more goofy than a happy dog? Her joy was so contagious.  It’s one of the simple pleasures in my life.

6 thoughts on “Complete and Utter Doggy Bliss

  1. Hannah is so wonderful. Much like our Missy, although Missy just can’t get around in the snow much this year since it’s been way too deep for her arthritic ridden body. Now Handsome on the other hand… well, he does the zoomies, dodges, turns, jumps and just all out loves the snow even if it’s 10 inches deep. Rotties are just a hoot, aren’t they? LOL

    The Blue Ridge Gal

    • Di! I was hoping you’d see this! Yes, rotties are a hoot and a half. And I’m just crazy about them (in case you couldn’t tell.)

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