You Capture Quiet

I’ve been trying to participate in a photo forum on Thursdays. Brought to us by I Should Be Folding Laundry (me too, by the way), it’s called You Capture. Every week there is a new theme. This week’s is “Quiet.”

I’ve been real quiet lately, y’all.

If you are one of the handful of folks that regularly visit my blog, you will note that I haven’t blogged anything since February 23rd.  That’s fifteen days, to be exact.

If it sounds like I’m feeling sorry for myself, I am.

The truth is…I’ve been sad. I’ve had nothing to say. What is there to say when it feels like your whole life has been turned upside down?

I’ve had a hard time getting a handle on things.

In fact, right now, just sitting here typing this, I feel like I might throw up.

So I’ll just come out with it.

Another grandchild is moving away. My grandson, Kole, is moving to Seattle, Washington. That’s three thousand miles away from me.

His parents have their reasons. And I’ll adjust to it. Sometime. Someday. Maybe.

But right now I’m just going to be quiet. Right now I’m just going to be sad.

I’m mourning the loss of being able to see this precious face on a regular basis. To see him growing up, doing the day to day, ordinary things that babies do.

I have one more month with him. I’m not going to be around a lot, because I want to spend as much time as possible with my little Kole, and his parents, as I can before they go.

When, and if, I ever feel like myself again, I’ll get back to blogging, y’all.

5 thoughts on “You Capture Quiet

  1. I live far from ALL of my grandchildren due to Hubby’s work. We all visit when we can but traveling has become so expensive when you consider plane fare, rental car, etc. Nothing I can do about it either so I just accept that I miss a big part of their lives. Just got a DVD in the mail today of my eldest (soon to be 8 yrs. old) granddaughter’s school concert. She was magnificent!

    Thank goodness for technology is all I can say.

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  2. Oh, honey – I’m so sorry! I know what a blow this must be, especially so soon after having your sweet little granddaughter move so far away, too.

    Take lots more photos; these are just precious.


  3. Our two oldest granddaughters were born in Phoenix, 3000 miles away, so I feel your pain. We did the best we could to visit and have them visit plus their mother did everything to make sure they knew who we were and who they belonged to. They are now 15 and 17 and have been back here for the last few years. Hopefully your kids will move back sooner rather than later.

  4. I’m still SO sorry. I love you and I’m willing to share C _ _ _ _ _ with you as soon as he’s born. And I know my lame attempt at bringing a smile to your beautiful face doesn’t help – I just don’t know what to say or how to make it better.

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