I’m Still Here, Y’all

So where the hell is what’s been going on with Ginger, you might ask?

I’ve been hiding, y’all.

I sure haven’t felt much like blogging lately. Well, actually I have felt like blogging, I just haven’t been able to muster up the energy to get started on a post – much less finish one.

A few weeks months ago, my husband was having a midlife crisis. All he did for days on end a while was sit in front of the computer and drool over stare at photos of Corvettes. And sigh.

“Have I ever told you the story of how I always wanted a Corvette, all my entire life?” he’d say, giving me big ole boo boo eyes. “I’m not getting any younger and I think life is just passing me by.”

Well. As any southern woman knows, if the man in your life is having a crisis, it’s your fault somehow up to you to fix it.

We had some money saved up. We had planned to use it to add a dining room onto our house. This dining room was going to be where I would have a chance to redecorate serve many wonderful, home-cooked family meals to my children and my grandchildren.

Then, grandchild number one and her parents moved far, far away. My heart was broken, but I still had grandchild number two. Grandchild number two was my miracle baby, born premature on Thanksgiving Day last year.

But something, call it intuition, or ESP, or a nudge from God, told me that the dining room wasn’t as important as giving my husband his dream. So I sweetly agreed to talked him into taking the saved dining room money and buying his dream car.

It didn’t take long, y’all, and we were proud owners of a 2008 Victory Red Corvette, with all the bells and whistles.

True confession? I’ve always wanted one, too. But shhhh, don’t tell my husband, OK?

The very weekend that we brought her home, all excited with ourselves, my son and daughter-in-law came over for a visit with my miracle baby, Kole. For some reason, they didn’t seem very interested in our new car. They seemed, well, solemn.

I guess the news they had to tell us was a little too hard to break to us in person, so the next night I got a phone call from my son.

“I’m calling to tell you there’s a For Sale sign in our yard,” he said. “We’re moving to Seattle, Washington.”

Heartbroken doesn’t begin to describe how I felt, y’all. That night I cried myself to sleep after consuming an entire bottle of cheap wine a few drinks. The next morning, my whole head was swollen to the size of a pumpkin eyes would not open, so I called off of work.

It was my mid life crisis and I was going to wallow in it. And wallow I have done, in a grand southern style.

And while I was wallowing, stuff has happened – as stuff tends to do. We had a huge fire at the plant where I work.  We attended a funeral – my dear cousin’s – who was much too young to say goodbye. We took several road trips. We bought a new lens for my camera, which inspired me to take about a million and one pictures. We had my stepdaughter and her friend here for their spring break. (They loved the new corvette, by the way.)

And we have been spending as much time as we possibly can with Kole.

Then a funny thing happened. The weather got warmer. Kole started sleeping through the night. Life here in North Carolina didn’t seem so bad anymore. The “For Sale” sign came down. And as of right now – if my son can find a job – the move to Seattle has been tentatively put on the back burner.

Can I hear a “HALLELUJAH,” y’all?

With the warmer weather and the new car came a desire to hit the road, so this past week we drove up to far, far away land to see grandchild number one, my little sweetheart, my granddaughter. Can you believe she’s already a year old?

I’m so glad we went. The trip made me realize that they aren’t as far away as I had imagined. Sure, they aren’t around the corner, but it’s a doable drive for us. I can envision a few road trips a year.

My granddaughter is precious and beautiful beyond my wildest dreams. She has a delightful, sunny little personality and boundless energy. I can’t wait to see her again!

I might not ever have a big dining room table, but I am blessed with a wonderful husband, two precious grandchildren, and a shiny new red car.

I know I really need to pull my head out of my ass count my blessings and get back to blogging!

I’ve missed it, and I’ve missed y’all. Let’s grab a cup of coffee and catch up! What’s new in YOUR life?

5 thoughts on “I’m Still Here, Y’all

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever been so glad to read a blog post in my whole life.

    I’m SO glad things are going better for you, my friend. (((Ginger))) Keeping my finger’s crossed that your son finds a job and SOON.

    As for me, I’ve just gone off the deep end – we just bought a side of grass-fed, 100% pastured beef and I’m looking for local sources of raw milk. I think this is MY midlife crisis.

    • Thanks, Jan! I just heard tonight that he has a *temporary* job that he starts working on Monday! So keep your fingers crossed that it turns into something permanent.

      As for the beef….um….did you buy a COW? (Sorry, I’m not only southern, but very blond.)

  2. You’ll use that pretty red car MANY more times than a dining room table. What a GREAT midlife crisis the two of you are having. Nice to see you here in Bloggyland again.

    The Blue Ridge Gal

    • Nice to see you again too, Di! My husband says to tell you that we have already used the corvette more than the dining room table, and it’s a lot more fun, too!

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