You Capture Autumn

I’ve been trying to participate in a photo forum on Thursdays. Brought to us by Beth, at I Should Be Folding Laundry (me too, by the way), it’s called You Capture. Every week there is a new theme. This week it was “Autumn.”

We went on a road trip last week to see my son and his family. Where we live, on the coast in North Carolina, there are not many trees that actually change colors in the fall. But we sure did see a lot of gorgeous fall colors in Ohio and Michigan.

There were a lot of signs along the way, advertising pumpkins, hay rides, beef jerky, antiques, apple cider and corn mazes. I wanted to stop  and try everything, but my husband is a Yankee (sigh) and he believes in making me hold my bladder until I’m in tears pressing on until we reach our destination.

I caught this photo through the window of our moving car, so forgive the blurriness. But I love how so many folks had their yards decorated for Halloween.

Even the sunsets cooperated with a beautiful display of autumn shades.

My son’s yard was full of fallen leaves and shadows…

…..and this (be still my heart) adorable little pumpkin!

Y’all didn’t really think I wouldn’t squeeze in a photo of one of my grandchildren, did you?

Nah, I didn’t think so.

Head on over to Beth’s to see more Autumn photos, or to participate with some of your own. Next week’s challenge is Halloween and Silence. That should be interesting.

1 thought on “You Capture Autumn

  1. I adore the last photo of your grandchild! And the sunset photo is absolutely gorgeous! We don’t quite get sunsets like that in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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