Sunday After the Pirates Lost

I chose these images for Sunday in My City, a photo forum that has folks posting pictures on Sunday of their cities. I usually post pictures of my town, Wilmington, NC. But my son lives in Greenville, NC, a college town a short two hours drive from home. I thought it would be interesting to post photos from  the ECU/Navy game yesterday.

My youngest son, Klinton, is a student at East Carolina University. We were there yesterday to watch the football game between the ECU Pirates and the Navy Midshipmen. The whole town of Greenville, NC vehemently shows its support for the East Carolina Pirates. This involves, among other things, wearing temporary tattoos of a small Pirate on your face. My son’s girlfriend, Sarah, gave me a tattoo. Don’t I look just like a college girl, y’all?

Another way to show your team spirit: wearing the purple and gold. Sarah’s puppy, Winston, even had purple barrettes.

Almost everyone had flags on their vehicles.

We followed Klinton and Sarah to the stadium, after a nice tail-gate party of  sausage dogs and beer.

On the way, we saw a lot of other folks having tail-gate parties.

Purple tights were an interesting way to show team spirit.

Once we got to the stadium, we realized that almost everyone in the crowd was wearing  purple.

We could see a sea of purple across the way.

The fanfare before the game included a pirate appearing out of the pirate’s head.

Afterward, the whole team walked out of the Pirate’s head, in a haze of purple smoke.

From our vantage point, high in the stadium, we could see a line of fans waiting to be admitted. It was reported to be a sell-out crowd.

In the student section, the fans were going wild with excitement. Whenever the Pirates scored a touchdown, a cannon noise was played over the loud speakers.

After the first half, the Pirates were looking pretty good.

The band, the cheerleaders, and the mascots put on a good halftime show.

It started to rain, but the fan’s spirits were still high.

Klinton and Sarah were both looking hopeful at the start of the second half.

And even though we were having a great time…

…on three of four plays, the Pirates  fumbled the ball away deep in their own territory. Navy used the momentum to fuel a 76 – 35 win, the most points scored by a team in the 240 game history of the Dowdy-Ficklen Stadium.

After it started raining, there was a rainbow to be seen behind the stadium. The Pirates lost this game, but I think the battle is far from over, y’all.  The Power of the Purple that this team has on its side, has got to be enough  to enable a bounce back from defeat.

If not, all that purple in one place at the same time sure does look real pretty, don’t it?



7 thoughts on “Sunday After the Pirates Lost

  1. We have huge turnouts in our small town football games (Montana Grizzlies.) It is really fun to see all the team spirit and sea of maroon and silver colors in the stands.

    You captured some great shots…..and looks like you captured some great memories too!

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