Merry Christmas, Y’all!

I’ve been busy, ya’ll.

I hope to get back to blogging more after all this holiday hoopla is over.

I’m discovering that the older you get, your memory sucks the harder it is to do all the things you like to do for the holidays. Also, menopause is a bitch extremely unforgiving all the damn time this time of year.

I’m almost done wrapping, shopping, buying, ordering things online, making lists of menus, sending out Christmas cards, making phone calls to organize various family events, texting people to make sure their packages arrived, tearing my house apart looking for gifts that I was sure I would remember where I put them, getting online to reorder the gifts that fell into the depths of hades I must have misplaced and re-organizing and re-decorating my house after I had a good old-fashioned hissy fit pulled everything a lot of things out of  every several drawers looking for the gift that,  a demon or alien stole I  hate to admit, I lost.

Now all I have to do is clean the house, buy more food, go to the liquor store, wrap the last-minute items and cook two turkeys, some oyster dressing, turkey gravy, cranberry sauce and two pies.

Throw in the fact that I work twelve-hour shifts with a bunch of lunatics delightfully eccentric folks and I switch back and forth between day shift and night shift every week.  Couple that with the hellish nightmare gift of insomnia that menopause delivers and y’all will possibly understand why I’m glad Christmas only comes once a year.

But? It’s my grandson’s first Christmas. Well, technically it’s his second Christmas but since he was just born on Thanksgiving last year, he doesn’t remember much of it and neither do his parents, I think.

So it sure is nice to have a little one to celebrate the holiday with – seeing everything for the first time through his eyes is my reward for losing my mind getting older, y’all.

Have I mentioned how much I would already be in a straight jacket without love my husband lately? He bought me a new red netbook for a late birthday/early Christmas present that I can take on the road with me when we go on trips in our red corvette! And? He put together the new, bright red, shiny Radio Flyer wagon that we are giving Kole for Christmas.

I’m pretty sure that’s what Kole was telling Santa he wanted in the above photo. That, and he might have whispered to Santa to help his poor Grandma Gigi find that damn present get some sleep.

Oh, okay, maybe not. But a gal can dream, can’t she?



4 thoughts on “Merry Christmas, Y’all!

  1. Oh, my goodness woman! No wonder you’ve been absent, both from blogging and on FB.

    Big HUGS to you and wishing you a somewhat semi-sane Christmas!

    • Thanks girlfriend. Glad to see you back in the world of blogs. It is easier to be a bit more open on here and I hope to be able to “get it together” so that I can blog more this next year, too.

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