How To Relax Your Eyelids

I suppose everybody is stressed out these days. Myself, in addition to being menopausal, I have an eyelid twitching problem. Yes, I know eyelid twitching doesn’t sound very serious, y’all. But try having your eyelids dance around like they are dancin’ the polka all the time for about three months straight.

I was constantly, freakishly, holding a finger to one eye in an attempt to stop it. People started looking at me funny. I think they were scared of me. I got even more stressed out about what I must look like, and that didn’t help the situation.

My eye doctor gave me a tip to make it stop. Her suggestion was not at all what you’d expect to hear from the medical community. She didn’t recommend eye drops, warm compresses or new glasses. She said to drink tonic water, of all things. Said it was a muscle relaxer. Tonic water contains quinine, which they used to prescribe for my very condition.

Well, huh. Who knew?

After I asked her if I couldn’t just drink a Bloody Mary instead (and I was just joking, ya’ll – I’d already tried it about a million times and knew it didn’t work) she said no, but I could mix it with some gin, if I liked.

That afternoon, my husband took me to play golf and afterwards we went to the bar in the clubhouse and I ordered my first gin and tonic. Can we say “New Favorite Drink?”

It must be working, because I haven’t had the eyelid twitching so much anymore. The fact that I now, sometimes, forget to take out my contact lens before I go to bed? A minor nuisance!

8 thoughts on “How To Relax Your Eyelids

  1. My eyes twitch sometimes too, but they really only do it when I’m super stressed out.
    That’s an interesting tip, though i’ve never really been a fan of gin. Do you really like it? just curious

    • I do like it, although not quite as much as I like mojitos. And in the winter, I’ve discovered another love – Grad Marnier, heated for about 20 seconds in the microwave.

  2. Honey, make that next gin and tonic with Hendricks gin – you will NEVER want anything else, trust me.

    And it’s so nice to have a REAL reason to drink it! Woo, hoo!

    • Hendricks? Your suggestions are always spot on, gal (the turkey from hell was heavenly!) so…. liquor store, here we come!

  3. Gin ‘n Tonic with a lime – yum. Can I have the name of your doctor? I want someone to tell me that I need to drink. LOL!!

    • Yeah, you got to have the lime slice. It makes the drink. Lemon is pretty good also. And my doctor? She’s a sweetheart. Always asking me about where I’ve been on my seven day breaks. She makes me feel like a celebrity.

  4. Hmm…wonder if it’s genetic, cause I get eyelid twitching a lot myself (although I can’t ever remember having 3 months straight of it). Always liked gin and tonics though, another reason to drink it now.

    • Kyle, I sometimes just have the tonic and lime by itself, if I’m going to work. As long as I sip some tonic water a few times a week, it seems to keep the twitching at bay.

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