Hot Red Fingernails! A Fourteen Day Manicure?

Yesterday was the first day of my monthly seven-day break.

Yes, I get a seven-day break every month. It’s not as romantic as it sounds, y’all.  A lot of the time, we are forced to work overtime. (Yeah, that’s right F-O-R-C-E-D.) So a seven-day break becomes a four or five-day break. And my husband and I worked eight  12 hour days straight from Christmas Eve all the way through New Year’s. So don’t be hatin’.

But this month, happily, we both managed to get the whole glorious seven days off. I figured a little pampering was in order, so yesterday, my daughter-in-law/best friend, Erika, and I went shopping for new make up and “mani-pedis.”

As I was sitting in the massaging chair, my feet being poked and pushed luxuriously soaking while the sulky woman whose whole English vocabulary consists of “What color?” and “Regular or Deluxe pedi?” exotically foreign, dedicated salon professional attempted to communicate with me by prodding me like I’m a domesticated farm animal bathed and rinsed my feet and calves, I overheard a conversation taking place. One of the women who has actually learned a modicum of English beauty consultants that works there was talking to Erika about a new nail polish.

“It last fourteen days. Gar-Run-Teed.”

“No way!” I exclaimed,  jumping into the conversation.

“Yes, way!” she nodded excitedly.

“Well it wouldn’t last that long for me,” I said. “I have my fingers in alcohol all day at work.”

“Oh, alcohol no problem! It last. Hard, like gel nail. New stuff. Very popular.”

“How long does it take to dry?” I asked suspiciously, figuring if I tried it I’d have to be there another two hours.

“Dry right away. Poof, you done soon as I finish top coat.”


I had to try it, y’all. And I LOVE it! I predict  it’s going to be the next BIG thing. This stuff is going to change the way we do our nails!

It’s called CDN Shellac. According to their website: “Shellac is a breakthrough, patent-pending UV3 technology that combines the ease of polish with the permanence of gels. No other products in the market can stand up to the claim – on like polish, wears like gel, off in minutes. Shellac does not include Formaldehyde, Toluene or DBP (Dibutyl Phthalate).”

There were 12 different colors to choose from, as of right now.  There are another 12 colors coming out sometime this year. Since I was getting my toes done in O.P.I.’s Double Decker Red, I picked a similar red, “Wildfire,” which is identical to the  color of our Corvette,Victory Red.

There were a lot of other really pretty colors, too. She also showed me a color chart that displays all the combinations of colors that are possible. You can mix any two colors, and get a completely different color.

After each coat was applied (one base coat, two coats of color and a top coat), I put my hand inside a special UV lamp to let the polish dry and “cure” while she was working on the other hand. When she was finished, she took a cotton ball soaked in alcohol and wiped down each nail. Hard! Poof! No worry about messing them up while you dig your phone out of your purse to call your husband and grovel to him explian why you’re still not home.

It cost an extra $15 but I  immediately noticed a big difference between this stuff and the O.P.I. brand that I usually get. Not only are my nails harder, but they are glossy and as flawless as the surface of our freshly waxed new car.

Erika was really mad at herself for not getting it, too, and I have a feeling that well be going back in about 14 days to try out some more colors. Although this hot looking red will be hard to beat!

If my red polish  really doesn’t chip for 14 days, I’ll let y’all know.


4 thoughts on “Hot Red Fingernails! A Fourteen Day Manicure?

  1. I never even bother to get my hands done. I get my toes done in the summer which can last up to three weeks. This would be worth it! Thanks for passing it on!

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