Ahh, Florida

It amazes me that I am writing a blog post while sitting in my car, riding down the road at 80 miles per hour. It confounds me that I am able to post a picture that my husband took just two days ago, and that thousands of people will be able to read this, or look at the photo as soon as I hit “publish.”

Not that I have thousands of folks waiting out there with bated breath, or anything, y’all. Far from it.

I just remember growing up in the sixties, when a Polaroid camera was the latest and greatest and computers were something on a science fiction show that you watched on your black and white TV. The TV that had tin foil covered rabbit ears perched on top of it, that had to be moved around sometimes whenever you wanted to change the channel.

So many things have changed in my lifetime. Also, sigh, I guess I’m really old.

We are on our way home from Florida. This was a spur of the moment trip. We had some time off, the weather where we live was going to be miserable and my mother, who just bought a condo in Vero Beach, said “Come on down!”

So our whirlwind tour included one night in Vero Beach, checking out my mom’s new digs, one night in Key West, because we thought it was going to be such fun to drive down through all the Keys, and one night at my Uncle’s house in Siesta Key, checking out the beautiful white sands of the Gulf of Mexico.

We have put 1468 miles on the car so far, and we still have about 600 more to go before we get home. But my husband loves to drive his car, and I love to ride along and take pictures out of the window, so it’s been a nice three days.

The ride down through the Keys was not as spectacular as I had hoped. There really isn’t much scenery along the way. I have always thought that the series of bridges connecting all the Keys would be unlike anything I’d ever see. But, while it was an interesting drive, it didn’t take my breath away.

This is a shot from one of the bridges that I was able to get through the car window.

Key West was, as always, a hoot. We were able to hang out near the area known as the “Bight” and watch a couple of huge cruise ships leaving the port right during sunset.

We were there on Monday night, which might not have been the best time to try to see the sun set in January. After consulting the cruise ship calendar (something I wish I would have done before the trip) I realized that there are usually two or three ships in port until 6 PM. And those big ships really do obstruct the view.

Everybody in Key West hangs around outside, waiting for the sun set. It’s one big party. I had one of the best mojitos I’ve ever tasted in my life, y’all, at the Sunset Pier Bar.

But the best part of the trip was not was we saw, but what we missed. The huge snow storm that has crippled the Southeast the last few days dumped over 4 inched of snow on our city of Wilmington, NC.

Jeff and I have spent the past three days marveling at our good timing. While our friends and neighbors were shoveling snow and huddling under the covers, we were riding down the Florida Turnpike, with the top off of our car, wearing shorts and sunglasses.

I’ll post more pictures from this trip tomorrow, after we get back home. I took a whole lot of really bad shots, and a few that are absolutely stunning.

Right now?  I feel the need to grab the camera and hang out the window for a few hours. We are driving through the center of the state and I have spied a few colorful fruit stands that are begging to have their photos taken.


2 thoughts on “Ahh, Florida

  1. I remember life before computers – when taking pictures meant having to develop film before we could see the photo … and I’m glad that I chose to embrace the new technology rather than hide from it. It’s great, isn’t it? And it’s how we met in the first place!!!

    And Erika stole everything else I wanted to say :-p

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