Brush Your Teeth and Other Crap You Don’t Care About

Today’s topic on The Daily Post is to write about the wackiest advice you have ever gotten. I thought about doing that, y’all. But it’s really difficult impossible for me to think straight type coherently today because I started working my night shifts last night.

So after a 12-hour shift last night and only sleeping five hours today (yay me!),  the only advice I could think of was along the lines of “How to Survive Working a Swing Shift” which, I’m pretty sure, I’ve already blogged about to death.

One tip I did get one time from one of my more interesting crazy co-workers: He told me that the  SECRET to waking up, when he gets up from working a night shift is to brush his teeth. Seriously? This was his big piece of advice. Like, who doesn’t brush their teeth when they first wake up?

Do y’all see what I have to deal with?

Anyways, that huge revelation aside, which I can’t even believe I wasted your time with, I still have the problem of what to blog about today. Because, you know, I’m committed to this-here Post A  Day Crap.

I decided to enter one of my blog posts from the past week into Mrs. 4444’s (that’s Mrs. Fours, in case you were wondering like I was) blog, Half Past Kissin’ Time. She does this thing on Saturday’s called “Saturday’s Samplings” which gives you a chance to link up your best post from the past week. (Um, I’m pretty sure this post won’t be making it onto next week’s list.) Then everybody who is time challenged (and who isn’t?) can visit the other bloggers best posts. And leave comments (is the hope.)

I chose to enter my blog post about my new fourteen day manicure. Which, I am happy to report, still looks perfect on Day Eight.  At least I’ve got that going for me!

Y’all head on over to Mrs. Fours and check some other awesome posts. Me? I think maybe I’ll just go brush my teeth. Again.


3 thoughts on “Brush Your Teeth and Other Crap You Don’t Care About

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